@ashfurrow dude sweet

I'm rocking that 0/0 speed because no internet until the 6th!

@ashfurrow unexpected benefit of accessibility caption: I'm in a terrible internet zone and I cant load images but because of the description I didn't need to

@gudenau @ashfurrow Ah, I miss those results on my network.

Also miss the terms of that pipe. Had to downgrade only to find out that it might not be worth it. $50 per 10GB over 1 TB is not, IMHO, very reasonable.

@gudenau @ashfurrow Yeah... mine was similar. Went down to $60/mo for “unlimited” but then got a notice as to overage a week or so ago. It seems at the 1Gbps tier it really is unlimited. Or perhaps I was grandfathered and the change just came with new terms, dunno.

@gudenau @ashfurrow I do 3-6TB/mo here... well, not anymore. Got a notice at 1 TB this month and have “one more free overage month” before they charge. So the goal for september is to not hit 1 TB. That’s gonna be hard w/o OTA or cable.

@ashfurrow I've got ≈4 Mb upload/download, and that's a good day.

@ashfurrow wew, I'd be happy with just 50 mbit as long as it's synchronous. Charter's giving me 200/10. Yes, the upstream is 20x slower than the downstream...

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