Good morning! Here is a photo I took of an Amsterdam canal with a pinhole camera.

I made sure to get that photo with both cats; Dave is hiding from Bandita, who is doing that feline power-move of “you’re so not a threat that I can lay down and pretend to relax”, but she’s terrified right now.

Good morning, I hope that Keith Haring would endorse my fridge magnet placement.

Good morning, my talk yesterday went well. Photo from

(I'll have slides somewhere, and maybe a blog post, soon)

Slides from my conference presentation on circumventing fear are up:

There's also a link to slides (PDF) with my speaker notes:

The talk was recorded; I'll post the video when it's up!

There's just two spider plants so far, but you'll see there's already three more places in that photo for plants to hang, so I'm Planning For More Houseplants.

(in case you're wondering who John K Samson is and why he's important to me, check out the following link about his band, The Weakerthans)

good morning, I found someone else with a lens diagram tattoo last week

Good morning, here is a wood stove-top hotdog cooker that my grandfather made [lewd]

@ashfurrow "Users make brands take" took me a moment to understand there's supposed to be a pause there.

@Gargron yeah I give these magnets a 2/10 accessibility rating.

@ashfurrow Is there by any chance a video of the talk? Judging by the agenda it sounds interesting.

@ashfurrow Those are some big sniffers! All the better to catch the mice!

@ashfurrow which one is using ash account , the guy with glasses or the cat?🙃

@whonix haha yeah I know right? Cats are like catnip to the fediverse.

@ashfurrow I never knew cats had a "before coffee" look, but there it is.

@ashfurrow It looks like you've got some babies that you can pot from the existing spider plants. You'll have them filled in no time.

@ashfurrow I keep killing plants. I want to have plants but I’m so bad at it.

@LeftCoast sometimes when I play the cat songs on guitar too much my wife tells me to stop because they make her too sad.

@ashfurrow JKS really needs to get in the studio more often. I think he's only released one album since The Weakerthans broke up. That kind of talent needs to be shared with the world!

@LeftCoast he’s got two solo albums, Provincial and Winter Wheat. Both are great, but I would like another more often than every five years :wink:

@adelheid not _super_ rare, I’ve only met one other person though!

@sirshannon it’s 100% true, he makes all kinds of things. Picnic tables, lawn furniture, drink holders that look like birds...

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