guess who's got two thumbs and still remembers how to write Objective-C


Kang: Square brackets for all!

[Swift developers boo]

Kang: Very well, square brackets for no one!

[ObjC developers boo]

Kang: Very well, square brackets for some, and immature developer tools for others!

[Crowd jeers and waves protocols-with-associated-types]

@ashfurrow Objective-C was the first programming language I started learning on my own (first being C which I had starter a couple months before that in college) and to this day I've never found square brackets to be weird. If it's not wrong to say, I adore them :blobaww:

@nishant I think it’s largely a matter of familiarity, but that’s also related to that kind of syntax being unpopular with new languages for a while. It’s complicated!

@ashfurrow I came at objc in ~2009 as a partisan rubyist, the [ ] were off putting but once you saw the common smalltalk heritage it became enjoyable

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