@Sir_Boops I'm having mind-blowing breakthroughs about the implications here

So, like, the servers don't have the source code or git repo /at all/, they just need docker-compose.yml

@ashfurrow Yeeep and if you store assets on remote servers you're entire masto folder will only end up being a few GB + DB size XD

@Sir_Boops oh right, the volumes in docker-compose.yml don't *really* need to point to folders in the source, right? Like they need to be put somewhere, maybe on remote servers eventually, but don't need to point to inside the source repo.

@ashfurrow Ya the public folder does without that masto will really break ;p

@Sir_Boops wait, so I do need to keep the source on the server as well❓

@ashfurrow Nope the image itself should be holding the source for you :3 that was the COPY command in the docker container!

@Sir_Boops RIght, sorry just confused about the public folder I think. You've got it pointed to `./public`, right? and that's just an arbitrary directory?

@Sir_Boops I think my brain is still having a hard time separating the source code from the docker-compose.yml file and from the Dockerfile. They've always been together for me but they're conceptually all different.

@ashfurrow Play around with them some more then they'll start to make sense! :3

DOcker is hard to start with :x

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