tfw someone gets all fake upset that you marked your selfie with a cw

Good morning! Here is a photo I took of an Amsterdam canal with a pinhole camera.

Picked up keys to the new place. Waiting on movers 馃帀

@ashfurrow you should def go to that museum (i didn't even tho i lived in the netherlands for 5 months!)

@ashfurrow Oh? To be clear i'm not calling you or anyone using a content warning a chicken. It was only because the picture was the chicken animoji. My bad.

@zangetsu_MG AHHHHH sorry, I may have been a little defensive, sorry.

@ashfurrow I'm trying to decide which is the worse outcome: to put my hand in the "PAIN" box, or the "STOMACH" box. 馃 馃 馃

@ashfurrow In Canada we ruled by syrup and apologies, here we need dessert power?

I need more coffee

@tapi well technically a dessert is some place that doesn鈥檛 get much precipitation, so tundras are desserts. I wonder how much of Canada qualifies 馃馃

@ashfurrow Well Osoyoos is technically a desert too so its not just Canadian tundra.

However my initial typo was deliberate 馃嵃馃崺馃崻 馃槃

@hopsoft yeah sometimes the canals don鈥檛 even have a little bar as a barrier, it just drops right off 馃槰

@gudenau haha I couldn鈥檛, it鈥檚 on *italian chef kissy fingers* the cloud.

@ashfurrow good luck! I鈥檓 doing the same in two months 馃槹

@ashfurrow looking at this again, I鈥檇 forgotten what a good looking cat Dave is

@ashfurrow you have the keys, that's the big thing! My last move we were all set to go but the seller faffed around handing the keys in with the estate agent. Very frustrating!

@ashfurrow what kind of guitar? You mentioned earlier that you play, so now I'm curious.

I'm mainly practicing with an Epiphone acoustic full-size strung with D'Addario #10 electrics.

@RandomDamage oh cool! It鈥檚 a Taylor dreadnought with a cutaway, phosphor bronze strings. I mostly do singer/songwriter style stuff:

@ashfurrow Thats a nice looking apartment. The exposed brick is a nice touch.

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