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The existence of a "Heroku" implies the existence of a "Hisoku" and, of course, a "Theiroku"

folks, can I get a "good morning" for my spiky friend here? they've got a Flappy Royale cosplay and they are looking SHARP.

Having FIOS is great because it takes longer to unzip Xcode than it does to download it (5GB compressed, omigosh why)

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I copied some geometry-related code from the internet and it _almost_ works, but only if I set `textContainerOffset` to zero.

If you're ever gonna make a variable for an "offset", and especially if you're going to share that code if a dang tutorial, maybe add a comment? Why is this offset needed? What does it do? Why? For the love of god, WHY?

like am I missing something, or is AWS trying to charge $600/month for an SSL certificate?

fucken... thought I'd check out the AWS CDN (m.t uses S3, after all) and, uh, CloudFront is super-expensive, eh?

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Trying hard to fit in.

But also, refusing to learn Fahrenheit.


I'm looking forward to Cloudflare's upcoming blog post, where they will blame the fact that they've inserted themselves as a single-point-of-failure for the whole goddamn internet on Verizon again.

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