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@ashfurrow Dark Matter taught me that the interior of every futuristic space station looks like a basement in a Toronto high rise, so anything is possible if you believe

Someday I’ll do a thread about how The Expanse makes creative and thorough use of Toronto as a filming location.

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The Expanse is good. I just wish they wouldn’t dial the freaking drama up to eleven at every opportunity. Like I get that tv is a visual medium, show-don’t-tell, etc... but damn. Things can just happen without the highest of high stakes.

(This is a general problem I have with contemporary tv, though.)

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I’m finally watching The Expanse – it’s really good! I keep having to pause to look up guest actors.

Last night: “hey wait. is that...? could it be him? it is!!!”

more like “Massive Dynamic” amirite? haha where are my Fringe heads at

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Ray Bradbury: Robot dogs bad! No good, folks!

Boston Dynamics: haha hound go brrrrrr

Me starting work an hour later: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me having to work an hour later that night: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

what is your cable management philosophy?

what is your cable management philosophy?

family + / money 

my grandmother is using an iPad that won’t install anything newer than iOS 7, so, I’ve got a new iPad set up for her with accessibility options tuned just for her.

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family + 

part of moving home is me re-integrating into my family, and part of that is being their tech support again. I know it’ll probably get on my nerves eventually but in the mean time I am genuinely happy to be back in a place I can use my skills to help out (within covid restrictions).

today I tried to explain to my father the concept of a “custom emoji”

It’s a Swift-focused conference and the organizers have accepted the premise of my talk (to troll the audience about React Native) and it’s gonna be so good. Presenting on my birthday! So it’ll be a real treat 🥳

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I’m going to be giving a conference talk in a few months comparing SwiftUI and React Native, which means I should probably start learning SwiftUI in earnest soon.

Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an extra thank you to the following users:


Don't forget our ✨ amazing ✨ moderator team, too!


Really appreciate the help & support, it keeps the instance going. Have a great day everyone!

@bclindner three weeks uninterrupted uptime awww yeah!!!!

I’m sure that memory usage graph is nothing to worry about lolol unused ram is wasted ram!

I bought the wrong sized V60 filters and feel like an absolute chump. only about 150 cups left to make before I run out and can get more of the correct filters 😭

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