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spelled "misogynistic" without having to look it up, folks, today is gonna be a great day

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I noticed you said Linux
But without the GNU

tfw you restart the mastodon instance servers with the upgraded code

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what do I have to do
for realtors fleeing facebook
to stop
signing up on my instance

folks, I got a deep tissue massage ball and let me tell ya, folks, listen, believe me,

Wow 😲

but I guess I'm the weird one; I don't watch the show but I listen to the premier Dragon Ball leftist comedy podcast, so

good morning, I'm overhearing a conversation at the office about the nuance of subs-vs-dubs in Dragon Ball Super, tgif

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enjoy this Russian meme that I think basically translates to “sight of cat, grace of potat”, every time I look at it it gets a bit funnier

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