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food mention 

overheard on a podcast: “sometimes I’ll bring a charcuterie board in to my 4pm bath”

okay so I GOT to get on this guy’s level

I've been editing (colour) photos for the past hour before I realized that I had Night Shift enabled 😑

hey so apparently the trick to Hades is just not getting hit by any enemies :hades_thanthink:


Okay so then this morning I was like “we gotta make waffles.” Back in New York, we loved this place called Waffels en Dinges (“waffles with stuff”) and this is inspired by them.

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Okay so last night I tried making a caramel for some ice cream. 2:1:1 ratio of brown sugar, butter, and milk. Some vanilla and salt. Bring to a gentle boil and simmer for a minute, then let cool 😋 I put it in one of those general purpose squeeze bottles...

oh hey we're on the version of mastodon with that PR i did

to anyone on m.t, you can now hold ctrl on the emoji picker while clicking to spam emojis discord-style

:popcat: :popcat: :popcat: :popcat: :popcat:

the automated check for being susceptible to index corruption was super-handy, and explains some errors I was seeing in our logs. the masto docs were clear, helpful, and easy to follow: my hat is off to the team 🎉

bonus: since the source is open, I could follow along with exactly what it was doing and what it had left.

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Hackers in the movie Hackers 🤝 Boomer guitar players
wanting a Gibson

I'm looking at our nightly backup logs – apparently (and no one told ME this) the m.t database is big enough that it takes an hour to back up 😳

getting to the point where I need to schedule pre-work ahead of my scheduled maintenance windows.

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It's one database backup, Michael. How long could it take? 10 cycles?

food, meat 

Made leftovers with the roast. The sauce was too thin so I turned it into a kind of gravy – and added some lemon zest to bring it back to life. Made hot sandwiches with baked potatoes!

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But manufacturers aren't gonna do that unless the people we vote for force them to. Hell, remember when every single phone came with its own proprietary charger that you couldn't use with any other phone? It was madness! Only government intervention forced manufacturers to agree on using a couple flavours of USB.

I get that people on here (often quite rightly) tend to be skeptical of government, but setting and enforcing standards can't be left up to manufacturers or we end up with a mess.

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