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What if your rice cooker was spring loaded like a toaster

I did not miss the maritime winter – and it hasn’t even barely started to begin 🥺

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mmmmmm bought a second space heater 🥶😩🥶

Canada has made so much progress during the seven years I lived abroad: the country elected its first himbo prime minister, outlawed the despicable penny, stopped exporting asbestos to developing nations, and legalized recreational cannabis.

And yet, Canada has made some serious missteps too. “Timbits cereal”? *Really*? Awful.

I moved from the US to Canada on November 1st. I didn’t take off Canadian Thanksgiving in October, so I’m taking today off instead ✌️😊👋

Technology Connections has convinced me to switch from toslink to 3.5mm for my soundbar. No more dual-wielded remotes!

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a bicycle is just a "bicycle for your mind" for your body 🚲

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