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two bearded 55yo programmers, sitting opposite each other in two stately leather seats. musing upon the concept of a “mongo db”

Tried to log into a barely-used Google account for work. I have recovery codes ready. But no, what it wants is for me to tell it the email address we used as a recovery method when we created the account four years ago.

Which is some nonsense with a + in it and I don’t even know haha.

Google’s login form has successfully exhausted my desire to even access that account. Much security, very tight.

exercise (+) 

I am sorry to report that, I have become one of these people. Those freaks.

Mr email
e me a mail
Make the attachment
a pic of a snail

How does it feel when you’re called a nerd?

auto cw: could contain food 

biscuits looking a bit sad? let me ask you: do you have some macerated strawberries? then I have some good news

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Anyway I wonder what that says about the complexification of our interfaces overall, and the related complexification of our usages. A 1980s cassette player was a simple device with simple controls that were all dedicated buttons, and obviously that’s not possible anymore

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if you have the powers of two memorized... 

you might be a nerd

Oh what’s that? `ln` has an optional destination parameter? Isn’t that a :big_mood: eh

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sure, async/await is "dangerous" or whatever, but also, the tests pass, so who can say if it's good or not

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