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been watching some 90’s star trek lately and… 

like, the quadrants (alpha, delta, etc) are a total social construction. the galaxy isn’t naturally divided into quarters, but this construct seems shared among every culture (the Founders know they live in the gamma quadrant, the Kazon know they live in the delta quad, Romulans know they live in the alpha…)

a real weakness in the writing. I’ll be taking this up with Berman, rest assured.

Photographing a cat is like doing a portrait except you need to provide extra headroom for whiskers and ear tips. Really important to capture every whisker and ear tip in the photo.

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money and bs corporations 

My old gym is still trying to collect membership dues for an account I closed in August in a country where I don’t live anymore against a credit card which has been cancelled.

They’ve finally agreed to close the account effective today, but they want the past due paid lol.

Buddy, that sounds like a “you” problem.

I won because I am a human with a clever brain and the CI servers are lowly computers

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folks, I have been low key fighting with CI servers all day, but I just now finally won


I saw a doctor to follow-up on my surgery from last year and they suggested doing strength training to replace the muscle that I lost. Sure, I'm already doing workouts 2x a week, on my floor 😬 I can't even do all the exercises I want to.

But now, under "doctor's orders", I've ordered a workout bench from a store in Montréal 🎉 Won't be here for a few weeks, but I'm so excited!

m.t now returns a “Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()” header on all HTTP responses. This opts the site out of Google Chrome’s new Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) tracking; this change will also be included in future versions of the Mastodon source code:

You can read more about how to opt the sites that you manage out of this new surveillance technology here:

This is small peas in the grand scheme, but it’s odd. Strava probably rigorously A/B test all the upsell interstitials and CTAs and whatnot, but if they’re not paying attention to the user journey *after* the user gives them money, I dunno. What is even the point.

Also when I hit the “back” button to go to the Home screen, they put up a modal CTA for the in-app purchase we’d *just* made. Like lol, I already bought it you muppets. Amateur hour.

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For my birthday, my partner bought me a subscription to Strava. Their in-app purchase confirmation dialogue is the saddest I’ve seen – we just forked over considerable money and all they have to say is “you’re all set”

No thank you, no confetti animation, nothing. What a wasted opportunity.

internal consistency is for minds, not for the fabric of reality

if your first MP3 player had a monochrome screen... 

you might be a boomer

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