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I swear to god, if you run a popular open source project long enough, someone will eventually want to add a plugin API to it. Guaranteed.

good morning, I got an easter care package from my family back in Canada, check out its customs declaration label [cw food]

waiting for DNS changes to propagate: I fucken love it. it stirs my coffee. it floats my boat. it gets my engine revving.

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I feel like this is a necessary warning to have pinned

I gotta say, it's pretty rare for a company to give an individual contributor such leeway in decided what to spend company time on, let alone blog about it. I'm pretty fortunate to work with such a good team 😁 :su_star: ❤️

Last year, I decided to meet with every person on the Artsy engineering team. tl;dr my efforts coincided with an inflection point in my own career, as well as in the team's culture as we nearly doubled in size.

Here's the full story:

been trying to record something new that I learned every day in a TIL repo, and I'm happy to now report: I've at the cusp of 70 whole things! Nice!

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how many layers of abstraction are you on right now

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me, typing "Thing thing = new Thing();" for the ten thousandth time: i love computers

good morning. props to Java developers for having such a good sense of humour about their, quite frankly, horrifying language

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gonna fund a city named New York_ in Colorado, then when New York logs out I'll change the name and register it with NickServ (the US Government) so they can't get it back.

good morning, let's check in on how the normies are doing... [cw pol]

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He has agreed to listen to the Citations Needed episode on media coverage of North Korea, so we’re making progress. At this rate, he’ll be a card-carrying DSA member by this time next quarter.

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