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Good morning! Today’s album is “Into Lake Griffy” by Good Luck. A bit more punk than usual, but optimistic. Nothing lifts me up like this album.

My friend introduced me to this album and the way he explains it, the band formed out of a random, extreme dip in musical entropy. Boltzmann Brain-style. They made this album and then dissipated back into the aether.

Favourite song is “Bringing Them Back to Life”, check it out.

wow, accidental lewd lol, I was making an A-Team reference

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The point of anti-fascism is not to make fascists afraid. Fascists are already afraid, that's why they're fascists. They have a fear based worldview. The point of anti-fascism is to make sure that fascists are isolated, unable to connect with, organize and mobilize other fascists. The point is to make fascists lonely.

shout out to the person walking around Tribeca in flip flops, in 8°C

hat tip to @edwardloveall for the suggestion to use as a to-many linking solution (instead of just Spotify links)

Good morning! Today's album is "Islands Disappear" by Said the Whale.

This album was my introduction to west cost Canadian indie rock, and what an introduction it was! Lots of stories are embedded in these lyrics – the album taught me that even if I've got a map, I need to know where I'm going. Favourite song: A Cold Night Close to the End.

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I saw Dan Mangan perform live back in 2010 or so. Really great energy, and that’s how I was introduced to Aiden Knight, the opener. Check him out too, a voice that will make you cry.

Good morning! This week, instead of sharing images, I’m sharing albums.

Kicking it off with Dan Mangan’s “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” – the kind of album that keeps your jeans dry. Lots of great acoustic guitar, amazing vocals, evocative lyrics. My favourite song is “Basket”, but they’re all great.


It’s been, gosh, ten years since I last used Linux on a personal machine? Very interested to see how it feels now, and what it would take to get me off of the Mac altogether. I don’t plan to move off macOS, but I want to have a clear idea of what’s keeping me there.

Update: found a used x220 on eBay. Fast CPU, but low ram and a spinning hard disk (planning to upgrade).

coffee snobs 🤝 body builders

“You *need* to buy a kitchen scale”

Why a ThinkPad? Because they’re freaking awesome, even if they’re ten years old they still look so cool. I mean come on.

Also the hard drive isn’t even big enough for macOS 😔

I can’t mess with my home Mac because I need it to work for my work, and it’s thiiiis close to a hardware failure so I don’t trust it to handle dual booting.

I find myself once again fighting the urge to buy an old thinkpad to put a Linux on it.

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