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going Docker-less on m.t 

Things went mostly smoothly yesterday, and I’m following up with the rest today.

I accidentally blocked HTTP/S traffic for IPv6 connections, oops 🙊 Fixed now.

The automated, off-site nightly backup worked as expected, nice 👍

ElasticSearch indexes are regenerating now, setup wasn’t difficult at all.

I would also post graphs, but DigitalOcean's graphs aren't working on the new Droplet 😡 Their support team is being helpful at least.

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The database I ran pg_dump from was larger than the database generated from the pg_restore, but the PostgreSQL versions jumped from 9.6 to 12 😬 So hopefully that's just a result of better indexing or vacuuming or something. I dunno. Everything appears to work, so, 🤷

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Okay, so, like, it feels weird to be running Mastodon without Docker, but here we are! What a journey. My old cheat sheet of commands (backup the database, etc) is totally useless now haha. And I have some scripts to port haha. But the important thing is that everything appears fine! Right? Right. Okay.

The RAID array is all set up and working :+1: I had some trouble getting macOS Time Machine to behave, but figured it out eventually. Two drives -> RAID 1 array -> Encrypted APFS format -> two APFS volumes (one for each computer to use as a TM backup destination).

The initial backup, over wifi, took a few days 😅 But it did finish, and incremental backups are quick!

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Why on earth would I need Sonos to show a desktop notification when the song changes? I know the song just changed. I can hear it. That's the notification.

Okay, I've ordered a pair of 6TB external drives for RAID-redundant Time Machine backups, should be here next weekend 🙌 A lot cheaper than a NAS 😅 Thanks for the validation all!

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I’m seeking opinions on a local network-available backup storage medium. All my machines would back up to this volume. I have a spare local machine running headless and I’m tempted to just plug in some external drives on a RAID 1 configuration, but should I get a NAS? Dunno.

A good deal of the blame here falls on Asus for installing a bunch of bloatware, but then, who set up the OEM deals to make that possible? Microsoft.

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My mother in law asked me to fix her computer. “It’s just really slow.” I haven’t used Windows since, uhhh, XP I guess? And like, Windows has just gotten more and more garbage since then.

Microsoft has a lot of crimes to pay for but wow, Windows really sucks 😭

decided to make myself a nice like breakfast sandwich [cw food, meat]

you can tell I was hungry because I didn’t bother staging a good photo 😋

“Why isn’t the m.t transition off Docker done yet?”

“Listen, you have to understand, my vacuum was loosing suction.”

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