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m.t now returns a “Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()” header on all HTTP responses. This opts the site out of Google Chrome’s new Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) tracking; this change will also be included in future versions of the Mastodon source code:

You can read more about how to opt the sites that you manage out of this new surveillance technology here:

This is small peas in the grand scheme, but it’s odd. Strava probably rigorously A/B test all the upsell interstitials and CTAs and whatnot, but if they’re not paying attention to the user journey *after* the user gives them money, I dunno. What is even the point.

Also when I hit the “back” button to go to the Home screen, they put up a modal CTA for the in-app purchase we’d *just* made. Like lol, I already bought it you muppets. Amateur hour.

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For my birthday, my partner bought me a subscription to Strava. Their in-app purchase confirmation dialogue is the saddest I’ve seen – we just forked over considerable money and all they have to say is “you’re all set”

No thank you, no confetti animation, nothing. What a wasted opportunity.

internal consistency is for minds, not for the fabric of reality

if your first MP3 player had a monochrome screen... 

you might be a boomer

I break even between Patreon income and hosting costs, but the Patreon link is in my bio for the curious.

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Thank you to all the Patrons for their help funding the hosting costs of! And an ✨ extra ✨ thank you to the following users:


Let's not forget our awesome moderator team, too:


I really appreciate the help & support. Have a great day everyone!


sorry everyone, I’ll calm down. you know how I get on leg day.

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“If Richard Stallman was the inventor or Linux, he’d have invented Linux.”

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if I see one more person post “ad hominem” I am going to become the joker

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at the risk of geolocating myself, today’s forecasted high temp is 15° holy moly 🌞

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