Hi all.
I'm gonna stop using this account and move on over to @asbjorn

⭐ you can follow me there if you feel like it ⭐

I live very cramped on a Chromebook Pixel with a 64GB disk.
Ever since I started using docker it got significantly harder.

Discovering "$ docker system prune" was a godsend - and would regularly let me clear multiple gigs.

But apparently docker's "dangling" doesn't cover nearly all that I expected.

I just cleared 22 gigs (34% of my SSD) by running the same command with --all.

I feel so free now.

I really like Teenage Engineering, and I also enjoy Rick & Morty.

BUT the Rick & Morty themed pocket operator *really* feels like Teenage Engineering selling out.

I hope they're not having money problems.

Thanks to everyone who was at for making it such a fun conference!
So many interesting conversations with welcoming and friendly people.
I'm heading home now - but will be back next year!

I decided to ditch the bloat of bootstrap and do my own css but jesus what the fuck is going on.

I seriously need a "CSS for braindead fucktards" thing.

Found my hostel and took the obligatory walk around old town Basel. Now to go find a place for dinner and early tobad for tomorrow's shannanigans. :D


Just ordered tickets, accommodation and travel for 2019. Very excited!

Black Mirror S5E3 commentary (minor spoilers) 

Black Mirror S5E3 was pretty weak.
It really felt like a doomed-to-flop family film about some kids who against all odds defeat the unnecessarily evil and stupid greedy capitalists.

The first two episodes had some interesting social commentary, but this last one was just like "yeah the music industry is greedy and opressive"

I'm slightly annoyed at the idea of men being more inclined paying to the bill on a hetero date - but I'm also totally unwilling to not offer to pay the bill.

Really it's just about wanting to treat people I like.
But I can't help but wonder if I'm perpetuating something unhealthy.

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No, this isn't Photoshop. This is the Arctic right now.

Sea ice levels over great swathes of the Arctic ocean are at historic lows (in the 40-year-long satellite record) for this time of year.

(Photo via @RasmusTonboe@twitter.com )


Spotify just reminded me how nice Run the Jewels 2 is, and how much it has been underlistened to by me.
Here's me spreading the friendly message into the fediverse. Have some raps.


(previous toot heavily hashtagged in the hopes that all the lispy people will come along and tell me what I'm doing wrong)

So I've spent the past couple of hours messing around with ( ).
And while is super interesting, they *really* bother me for readability.

Never mind the insane amount of parentheses - that's fine, we can do indents and figure it.

The thing that really bothers me is that the operation that happens first, is the operation that is read last. That is so horribly unintuitive.

Readable FP really needs to have a forward pipe operator like F# has. I hear Haskell has a nice one.

So I've so far spen the entire day installing Lua dependencies...
I haven't written single a line of lua my entire life - and I'm less inclined to now than ever.

I just went back on Tinder - it's a wonderful way to avoid learning to deal with my social anxiety.

But holy shit is that app a horrible mess. Using it these past 15 minutes, it's hung at least ten times, and completely crashed well over a handful of times.

It's actually impressive how something can be so popular, and still so buggy...

I think code autoformatters seem like a really good idea in principle, but I'm definitely way too much of a style control-freak to use any of them.

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