All those "evil people" aren't the biggest threat to global stability. Outrage and hostile disagreement are.

{{ say polite things to people you dont like }}
{{ find out how those idiots are interesting }}

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Looks like everything is going to be okay. Probably.

Okay I finally got pyhash to build (the vps just didnt have enough memory), and found a used NUC I can buy today.

*intense phew*

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i'm not even saying "ugh security is hard" i'm saying the attack surface for ssh has been understood for Quite Awhile and we should have decent defaults to make it SAFE to use. Which means:

1. Deny root login
2. Deny password authentication
3. Require public-key authentication
4. Close off any deprecated key exchange methods
5. Auto-ban brute force attempts

That's like. A minimum best effort. Really.


I'm taking an algorithms course, where the mandatory exercises are given in the form of pdf.
The course requires that we submit these exact PDFs, filled out (multiple choice boxes, drawn diagrams, text fields etc).
But it's literally just a pdf with boxes and lines drawn.

It's a god damn algorithms course on an engineering uni.
Literally no one is printing, writing on, and then scanning the files in again.
Also literally no one enjoys editing pdfs directly.
LO-Draw has already messed up fonts and margins.

Just realized my laptop runs Linux 5.0.0.

Lets have a moment of appreciation for the fact that the words "username" and "password" are the exact same length.

I have criminally underlistened to the past couple of years.

Rediscovering them has been the best thing that happened this week, allthough I know their discography very very well.


"Hash" is one of the strangest words I use commonly.
Cryptographic hashing, hash for smoking, the hash symbol, "hashing over" stuff, hash house runners, hashtags...
There's got to be very few words that have this many different uses.

There's a guy working behind me who clears his throat every ~90 seconds, and I'm still in doubt over if he's nonverbally complaining to me about something I'm not aware of.

This morning I got up a little while before I actually had to.

Had breakfast, coffee. Messed around with for shits and giggles, listened to Busdriver.

__Quality of Life__

After working with an Ergodox for a few weeks now, I'm beginning to doubt whether I can ever go back to a non-split, non-ortholinear keyboard.
Once you get used to it, it seems so obvious.

Fun band discovery of the week: Hop Along.

Can recommend.

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@ashfurrow So I set the SSID for the wifi on it to "Wu Tang LAN" and five brown faced emojis and it got caught in a boot loop until it eventually factory reset itself

So this week I implemented a CBC AES cipher in python.
It's incredibly slow.

But hey, it works!

so today at work I discovered that absolutely nobody knows the aws login, or who created it in the first place.


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