AI generated images 

You: spamming AI generated art is a cheap way to make content for lowbrow laughs
Me: paw patrol trail cam

📎 Clippy 2000: "It look's like you're writing a letter - would you like help?"

📎 Clippy 2022: "It looks like you wan't to leave the company so I secretly informed the admins to have a closer look at you."


If you're having trouble with your Gmail account in Thunderbird today, it might be due to Google now requiring OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Thunderbird SHOULD transition your account automatically, but if you're not able to connect, try going into your Gmail Account's Server Settings and manually changing "Authentication Method" to OAuth2 (it should NOT be "Normal.")

More information about this change can be found here:

@ben_hr why is the identity bundle symmetrically encrypted by the user’s iPhone and not, let’s say, signed by the issuing agency

This is State of Missouri base64 encryption levels of excellence here 😔

starting to think people might be strongly attached to ideological constructs which they have been led to believe are universal truths

@killyourfm There was a rerelease in 2017 with bonus tracks that are pretty good.

on twitter, i often see posts written to generate engagement. on mastodon, i mostly see posts written with something to say. smaller is better?

@brion Microsoft Teams does this now. There are sanitized, designated customizable templates from traditional memes (think cheezburger era) as well as some general stickers with speech bubbles. It’s… okay, mostly.

@badnetmask the real free space was the unallocated blocks you found along the way

Amazon just asked me if I own[sic] a cat. It offered the choices "No", "Kitten", "Adult", or "Senior".

Nobody involved with this UX owns a cat.

1/ Cats own people, not the other way around, let's get that right.
2/ There's no option for "multiple".

@ashfurrow well, hopefully you’re planning on maintain your Mastodon instance! /s

@ashfurrow emailing out-of-band instead of having an open discussion is not a strong choice, either! odd stuff.

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