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40 minutes into and things are still in the exposition phase. Yikes.

Several restarts, 2 hours, and 3 associates deep, I finally got someone who cared. Now I have to deal with the possibility of having's repairs bleed into my first work week next year.

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Any of my friends/followers have a referral link to share? I'm looking to leave, and want to migrate to a service that pays artists.

They just asked me to turn off the computer. When I asked how I could continue/resume the chat, they said "Oh, we can use your iPhone."

Strike 2.

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Currently in a support chat with Apple Support, who seem dead set against replacing my defective-by-design MBP keyboard.

The Office is the Harry Potter of the TV world.

♫ My Top 5 artists: Health (28), The Avalanches (24), Deftones (23), Kid Cudi (19) & The Kills (14) My past week in music via

Griffin can say "butthole," but Travis can't say "ass?" Get these double standards out of my !

Happy everyone! Starting the stream late, but still fending off the weasels.

No Goatse 2 here!

MFW a friend recommends a new show to me and it is Not Good™️

Google's response suggestions need a adjustable thirstiness setting.

♫ My Top 5 artists: Com Truise (14), Grandson (13), Skinshape (10), The Budos Band (6) & Calexico (3) My past week in music via

Man, it's a lot harder to tie a ponytail than I originally thought.

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