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Happy last month of @inboxbygmail, everyone! This is truly the darkest timeline.

Finally got around to watching Arrival. Definitely worth the wait!

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"git req 42", fetch merge request number 42 and switch to that branch:

Supports GitHub and GitLab.

I'm going to @pycon 2019! Get at me if you want to meet up in Cleveland 🤙🏽

🗣 A little birdie told me that if you want to join me in building awesome technology to improve energy access in the developing world, you might want to start prepping your resume. Full stack preferred, Python and JS skills a plus, DC-area only.

More to come. 🕵🏽‍♂️

Part of the reason this took so long to get out is this is a total rewrite. What was once 90% Bash and 10% Python is now 100%!

h/t to & for field testing, and for his tipz.

After several months of frustration, enlightenment, and every emotion in between, I've published version 2.0 of git-req: a git extension that lets you check out merge/pull request branches from the command line with just the ID. Give it a spin!

Came out to my coworkers that I hate Samoas.

Huge relief.

I met someone who only knew of `ZZ` and not `:wq` to write and quit (I'm aware they're not exactly the same). Which do you know of?

My dog is listening to and throwing his toys around. I've never been more proud.

Gearing up to start a greenfield web project at work. Looking forward to not using a single web font.

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