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Me opening our ops channel this morning.

Does anyone in the DC area have an ENT specialist they'd recommend?

I guess is in Arlington now.

The slow-paced automated announcements on the 7000 series trains makes it sound as if metro is being condescending. ...and there were no collection boxes at either of the stations that handed them out. distributing the budget survey on the day it's due is the most thing ever.

I need a new savory snack for work. Recommendations?

Did my taxes this weekend and got a unwelcome surprise. Let's just say that the tax cuts for the rich had to come from somewhere...

The governor hasn't stepped down yet? That's... something.

Soon we'll discover that the wall was inside of us all along.

I'd like to imagine that my unit tests started crying out in pain.

Is there a "didn't read, lol" reaction gif that isn't problematic?

Anyone have production experience with Proteus? I'm intrigued by sidecarless service mesh alternatives.

Second paycheck my family has missed. Heckuva job, 45.

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