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Started thinking about Halloween costumes.

Dibs on sexy Coronavirus.

Going through the list of bands I was planning on seeing over the next few months and buying merch.

@Malin I'm doing fine! Looking forward to a weekend with my dog.

Socially distant happy hour can check! How is everyone doing this evening?


Number of spiders I've seen my dog eat: 1

Number of times my dog has attempted to lick my face after I've seen him eat a spider: 1

Number of times my dog has succeeded in his attempts to lick my face after I've seen him eat a spider: 0

Do we have enough tests that we're able to test everyone, or are professional athletes getting preferential treatment?

This was made possible by some great contributions, and because I enjoy writing

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🚀 I've released version 2.2.0 of git-req: a git extension that lets you check out GitLab MRs and GitHub PRs by number. What's new?

* MR/PR listing
* Customizable orgins
* Multiple remote support
* Better remote tracking
* Shell completions
* Installers!

I need to do some bike maintenance, but I'm such a nub that I've been putting it off for months. Might bite the bullet this evening.

My building gym is officially closed. I guess I'm a running person, now.

I hate running 😩

Also, thanks to all the staff at my local for keeping the shelves stocked, and the clean during these times. You're on the front lines.

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to everyone trying to figure out how to balance WFH and parenthood without daycare or school.

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