Dude just full body checked me from the back on the metro and ran off. 🤷‍♂️

What are people's strategies for versioning continuously deployed/delivered webapps? Semver doesn't feel appropriate, here.

@mdszy iirc that became a legal requirement due to the CARD Act.

@trickster @mdszy there's a slight difference - the former can accept a generator, while the latter only works on lists.

Thinking of moving my personal domain over to FastMail. Anyone have experiences with the service that they'd like to share?

@kazooboy voted gpl because I can't see much of a reason for a more permissive license here

Dog got angry that I've been too busy to hang out this week and chewed up my laptop AC adapter. Looks like this next week is going to be full of gaming...

Seriously... This series was a cornerstone of my gaming childhood. I still have fond memories of going to the local flea market and going insane with excitement when I found the shareware floppies for the sequel...

@jacek I've been using Python for ages and never stumbled upon __debug__. Thanks for sharing!

Is it just me, or does that new Star Wars game just look "meh"?

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Holy smokes, @charlybliss@twitter.com was so much fun!

This looks like it's set in the Paul Blart universe.

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