*pushes up glasses* What you guys are referring to as WSL is actually GNU/WSL.

I can't wait for enough time to pass for IBM insiders to drop the tell-alls behind the grift that is Watson.

(the brand, not the Jeopardy bot)

I'm generally against in-home drones, but I _would_ use the hell out of a hovering cupholder.

Slack etiquette, some all caps 

@kazooboy but what if they *are* flirting with you?

You know you're old when people in ads for financial services start looking your age.

Resolved to upgrade my laptop this year.

Can't wait!

@kazooboy I'm just glad they're keeping the lights on at this point.

Google knows I want to have Greek food for dinner because they've been collecting my fetadata.

How do folks test their websites in mobile Safari (assuming no iOS device)?

@danielhglus I spent my holiday fixing bugs with docs.rs and rustdoc. It feels good to give back!

@kazooboy the only state where you have to travel north to go south.

that redesign is so bad I'm still laughing

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