Congrats to the team on shipping Plasma 5.17!

Dear baseball bros yelling loudly in the courtyard of my building: I hope whichever team you're rooting for suffers a staph outbreak.

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Joint statement on the GNU Project — 2019 — Blog — GNU Guix

yinz sharing that Ellen clip as if she weren't justifying friendship with the guy who authorized torture

I don't trust Authy (or any TOTP tool that backs up to the cloud or allows exports). Am I missing something?

Turns out the friend of a friend is a sibling of someone I went to high school with. Small world.

Finally updating my ringtone after a couple years. This RTJ song has treated me well, but it's time for a change.

Planning is fun and games until you have to break it into tickets.

This whole St*llman drama is a great way to out all the creeps who've memorized the ages of consent across geography.

One guy bailed from the line after an hour of waiting. If he had timed the car throughput, he would have known they'd get to him in 30 minutes.

In line for a state inspection with the other procrastinators in Arlington.

A judge rules that the FCC's analysis justifying a major decision was “so insubstantial that it would receive a failing grade in any introductory statistics class.”

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