♫ My Top 5 artists: BENEE (14), STRFKR (11), Autechre (9), Cleopatrick (7) & Duck Sauce (6) My past week in music via @tweeklyfm@twitter.com

Finally had a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye's. The hype was real.

Wow - didn't expect Corpse Bride spoilers tonight. Damn.

This ASMR podcast in a podcast is an unexpected bonus.

Look at it this way - can't go less according to plan than the Detroit live show.

Fun fact: this is the closest the Riddlemancer can get to anyone due to numerous restraining orders/offender registries.

Love Travis's "I'm trying to not talk over my brothers" face

Griffin's bringing his Amiibo corner energy to this

Is that an omelette station? Best $113 spent!

I'll feel betrayed if the new series is "Things I bought at Wawa"

Didn't realize that not having stools was an option...

Melancholic Humors is the name of my screamo band.

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