@kazooboy Windows upgrades tend to do a better job not tripping over themselves than Linux. It's forced me to automate my system provisioning - easier to wipe and reconfigure than upgrade sometimes.

@trickster Don't forget one of the greats - the Ass-yrian Empire.

Today's a company holiday, but I'm on-call. I decided to treat myself and grab a burger at a restaurant nearby, and there's a dude here already slurring drunkenly. ?

Drag them, Casey - Apple owes everyone an apology and it should start with me, specifically: theoutline.com/post/7315/apple

Has someone suggested to John Wick that he stop burning the candle at both ends?

@russsaidwords yeah. They're trying to solve some problems by being opinionated, but, as someone whose been writing Python for 14 years now, they feel like all the wrong opinions. My solution is to dockerize pretty much everything.

@russsaidwords yeah, the amount of hygeine required is frustrating. There are efforts to improve this, but they all end up feeling like xkcd.com/927/

If you finally solve overcome the challenge that's been stumping you for days, and no coworkers are around to witness your elation, does it make a sound?

loooollll. Launch this shitty company straight into the sun - Facebook Asked Some Users for Their Email Passwords, Then 'Unintentionally Uploaded' 1.5 Million Contact Lists Without Consent : gizmodo.com/facebook-asked-som

@kazooboy I have in a previous life. WSL goes only so far, and sometimes one needs to use proper *nix versions of tools like npm.

@russsaidwords I disagree that it's bullshit, but I agree it's suboptimal. That being said, in this case, if an OS packages software, it has some responsibility to not break it.

I finally got around to watching the Eric Andre show, and I'm sad it took me this long.

Every few months MacOS takes joy in breaking my Python installations. This is Good Computing™.

Time to leverage yourselves off his platform. Thousands of leaked Facebook documents show Mark Zuckerberg as ‘master of leverage’ in plan to trade user data nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/

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