Finally watching Aliens. I didn't realize how many quotables came out of this movie.

Meanwhile the subreddit is all like "If you scrutinize the background in this one scene, look at this this imgur post with red circles everywhere, and then cross-reference the episode number against the Bible, Deloros's actions make perfect sense!"

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Don't worry, folks. Everything is going to be okay!

Twitter: making the hard call to share my data with third parties, but also keeping the Nazis.

Socially distant happy hour can check! How is everyone doing this evening?

When you have the foresight to use screen to execute long-running script on a remote server...

No wonder they don't appear to be doing too well...

Shout out to the least-intuitive MacOS control.

Why they haven't messed with this yet, I don't know - they can't make it any worse.

My dog fell asleep on my leg, so I guess I know what pose I'll be holding for the next few hours...

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