Holy smokes, @charlybliss@twitter.com was so much fun!

This looks like it's set in the Paul Blart universe.

When a podcast you listen to goes platform-exclusive.

MFW I realized that I'll be out of town during Rolling Thunder.

Whenever I do these @ArlingtonVA@twitter.com transit surveys, I feel as if @schep_@twitter.com is looking over my shoulder...

Hey - if you're based the DC metro area and are interested in a new job, I'll be hanging out in the expo hall. Say hi, learn how @SparkMeter@twitter.com is improving energy access in the world, and get a sticker*!

*While supplies last.

Internationalization matters. Looking forward to this talk from @nicysneiros@twitter.com!

Floating points are basically that one weird trick that mathematicians don't want you to know

Pumped for day 2 of ! Which lightning talk resonated with everyone?

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