🚨Come work with me @SparkMeter@twitter.com to improve the world's access to electricity! We're hiring a full stack & embedded systems engineers for our team in Washington, . Great org & mission. sparkmeter.io/en/jobs/ 🎉

⚡️RTs appreciated!⚡️ Please reach out if you have any questions!

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! There were far fewer nazis, and I was generally happier.

Going to and seeing all these people with their DIY pretzel necklaces has me like...

I don't think Pizza Hut should be able to make these jokes without removing marijuana from their employment drug test screen.

If you finally solve overcome the challenge that's been stumping you for days, and no coworkers are around to witness your elation, does it make a sound?

It's not even midnight yet! Holding strong. Your move, @gmail@twitter.com.

The Macbook keyboard is the shittiest thing to happen to my computing life in the past decade.

I went hiking this weekend. Here's an obligatory photo of me, my pooch, and my soon-to-be-shorn winter beard!

The early bird gets to finish off the last of the coffee beans at work.

Looks like @wmata@twitter.com uses ColdFusion for their WiFi portal...

I see we're in the "re-inventing slavery" phase of @shit_hn_says@twitter.com

Docker tip: do you mount your development directory inside a container? If you're just using it to sync code from your host, add the `consistency: cached` attribute to your volume declaration for a nice lil' speed boost!

Additional details here: docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac

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