I published my first personal blog post in a minute. Optimizing Rust Binary Size. Check it out!

This was my first attempt at authoring a blog post as I actually did the work. It was far easier/less imposing!

Also, 2 down, 10 to go on my new years resolution of 12 blog posts.

@aru This is awesome! Loved reading it. Also learned about color-backtrace, which seems very useful.

@aru very nice article, most of the tricks I knew but finally I understand why rust binaries are not already stripped by default.

The repo also mentions some further optimizations if you are willing to use rust nightly.

@dnaka91 thanks! Yeah, I'm still trying to assess my risk tolerance, but those aren't out of the question.

@aru Oh also, you could run upx on the binary afterwards to further shrink it.

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