2019 isn't entirely bad. I've been cracking up at how many of yinz forgot how to wear fanny packs.

Meet me at the oversized chain warehouse in the next 12 minutes if u want an ass-kicking.

I think I just got catcalled by a scooter.

(just in case it's not clear, fuck NIMBYism)

The comments section of ARLNow is always 🔥🔥🔥

Going to my first-ever work off-site retreat this weekend. I have no idea what to expect.

Wait - how are community cats a good thing?

Just whipped together a conditional WebP image loader for CSS using a tiny bit of JS and a healthy dose of CSS custom properties. First time using the latter - huge fan.

Finally finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Well worth the wait.

Finally getting off my butt and locking down this international driving permit.

Bouncing between languages that use different units of time for their sleep methods is...


It's not a proper remote presentation without A/V issues.

After Google Now was hidden behind a button press, the Pixel launcher's left-side feed became far less useful. Now they're pushing ads into the feed. That was the motivation I needed to disable the feature.

Today we launch the product I've been working heads-down on for the past four months.

All the emotions. 🤞🏾

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Man, all of the container-lite packaging formats blow. Realized halfway through that Flatpak won't do what I need it to, and snap is proving to be more than a pain. Might just go the route of making a deb and rpm.

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