Twitter: making the hard call to share my data with third parties, but also keeping the Nazis.

Do I know anyone willing to lend me a hammer drill for a quick project?

What NE DC bike shops do folks like? Just looking for a tune-up.

I always wondered what my hair would look like if it were longer, but never had the patience for the intermediate phase. Looks like I'll finally get to find out.

Hate to be a wet blanket, but how about you actually vote in such a way that you show you respect healthcare workers?

Clapping and flashing your lights is no better than changing your profile photo or throwing a magnetic ribbon on the back of your car.

Also, 2 down, 10 to go on my new years resolution of 12 blog posts.

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This was my first attempt at authoring a blog post as I actually did the work. It was far easier/less imposing!

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I published my first personal blog post in a minute. Optimizing Rust Binary Size. Check it out!

Finally finished AC: Unity. No crazy glitches, but the cover/climbing mechanic always felt janky to me. The story was pretty meh, too.

I'll forever miss the "present day" storyline. Desmond's situation interested me more than Altair's or Ezio's.

to the team at GitLab currently working through this DNS migration.

tweeps: this coming Tuesday, virtually join the inaugural meetup! will cover how she used machine learning to identify hair types in images, and Emma will cover the use of decision trees in data analysis!

Started thinking about Halloween costumes.

Dibs on sexy Coronavirus.

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