Comcast DNS outage. Why don't you use this opportunity to switch to

(In case it isn't clear, I find this mailing extremely inappropriate. Yes, people have the day off, but to pretend MLK's vision has been seen through to the point where it can be crassly recycled into another excuse to get day-drunk is something else).

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands when they run out of orange juice for mimosas.

Unpopular opinion: Yeezys are ugly and have ruined shoe aesthetics.

I should probably see a Star War this weekend.

MFW I'm a huge nerd and come into the office to give a 7am presentation to the company...

area Pythonistas: I'll be a panelist at the 2 End of Life Mini-Conf on Feb 1! Come celebrate not just where Python's been, but where it's going!

My co.,, creators of a low-cost metering solution that enables access to electricity in underserved communities, has openings!

Embedded Apps:
Wireless Network Research:

Also, lol at the bottom two (separated from the rest of the pack by quite a bit).

Surprised by the two-way tie for 3rd. Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?

Gotta knuckle down and get the next version of this rust app out..

There are times I wish we permitted the pup on the couch...

Awesome to see this Virginia legislation allowing minors to elect to get vaccines and immunizations without parental consent. Curious if anyone has a state-by-state breakdown?

I just published a new post on the SparkMeter engineering blog, introducing our first open source project, sentry2csv! The tool helped us triage & improve the quality of our Sentry event alerting, and be more responsive to errors in prod:

I don't understand the appeal of voice messages. Could someone explain it to me?

With Dell putting a 16:10 display on the new XPS 13 models, I'm hoping against hope that Lenovo follows suit with some of their ThinkPads.

Knowing them, not only will it be a year late, but somehow the screen lottery will be exacerbated.

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