. One of the funniest shows on broadcast television.

The entire experience was amazing, but @jormataccone@twitter.com's surprise Joe Montana goof stole the show.

When a podcast you listen to goes platform-exclusive.

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I want to be attacked,
like no one ever was.
Tickets calling me a hack,
they wound me to my core!

MFW I realized that I'll be out of town during Rolling Thunder.

Logging off until I can watch the dragon show finale so I can be culturally present.

My dog just saw his first firefly... and promptly tried to eat it.

In the United Kingdom, they call it the Overtonne Window.

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the lottery is a trap for time travelers

I didn't fix my bike in time for . Looks like I'll have to bikeshare. No e-bikes, though, so I'm sure I'll be hurting.

Whenever I do these @ArlingtonVA@twitter.com transit surveys, I feel as if @schep_@twitter.com is looking over my shoulder...

How to protest campus cops and save lives - Student organizers at Johns Hopkins University were arrested after a month-long occupation objecting to the arrival of a private police force on campus: theoutline.com/post/7431/johns

Woo! (1) it's a confirmed false positive from mypy, and (2) "too tricky for mypy to understand."

Nothing like a good tech meetup to get the creative juices flowing. I struck up a good discussion with some folks that could result in something positive for the community.

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