Just a test toot. Let's make sure we can upload our favorite photos. 😎

‼️ Live stream test ‼️
If interested, reply @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com

RT @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com

We'd like to test our live streaming next week.

Looking for a channel that's not too big or too small to help us.

Hopefully the channel can get at least around 5k viewers on the stream.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/OdyseeTeam/status/

@derek Yep, proving how amazing Mastodon is! Glad you are able to just move to a different instance and keep going! Love your content, keep it up!

@derek you're doing great education job and show great example. Keep going man!

Pavel Durov about amazon :
"Besides, we have no illusions about Amazon in particular. When Russia banned Telegram in 2018 (more about it here t.me/durov/80) we set up independent proxy-servers on Amazon's AWS to allow our Russian users to freely communicate on Telegram. Amazon was pretty quick to deny us access to their services, and I was told it was the position of Jeff Bezos."

This week in KDE: KDE Plasma improves multi-monitor support, the Dolphin file manager got some cool animations, and Plasma's app launcher makes it easier to reach your favorite programs.


is cool, but it has one significant issue, it still needs servers. And we are talking about a huge amount of space, this is not cheap.

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