@neekz0r yeah my point was that the intent is similar, not that the encoding is the same

it's a beautiful spring day so of course i have wasted half of it messing with sed

gen x complains about emoji in stdout but didn't they do the same thing with ascii art?

@simps thanks! i'd happily be a pastry chef if it paid as well as software 😋

rainy afternoon, ravyn lenae, green tea, webpack pipeline hackery

@keezee i kinda do! browsers are a lot more consistent with their DOM/JS feature support than they used to be, so there's less of a need for it. it definitely doesn't hurt to be familiar with jQuery, but i'd be careful about relying too heavily on it without understanding what's going on under the hood. and The Good Parts is a book! amazon.com/JavaScript-Good-Par

@keezee yes! i'd definitely recommend learning vanilla first. i can't really speak for jQuery, since folks don't use it as much anymore and (for me at least) it encouraged a lot of bad habits. but for vanilla, definitely check out Crockford's The Good Parts if you haven't already 👌

@mattlo that sounds super interesting! are you working with any existing image processing libs, or doing it all yourself?

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Really nice that Mastodon leaves the Redux dev tools enabled in production. It offers a great example of a reasonably sophisticated Redux store to learn from. mastodon.technology/media/MqGt

@keezee react/redux is my bread and butter, plus a webpack + babel + eslint toolchain. highly recommend create-react-app (github.com/facebookincubator/c) if you're looking to get started with that sort of stuff!

@mattlo currently working on converting a legacy monolith to a (react) component-based architecture. nothing particularly groundbreaking, although there's a fair amount of interesting accessibility work involved. how about yourself?

@keezee rad! lmk if you have any questions. frontend is a ton of fun; i think you'll enjoy it.

@keezee i'm a (mostly frontend) software engineer working in open education. and yourself?

@keezee i'm great! still finding my way around but rly digging the vibes and community here ✨

also i came across this bit of occult javascript while debugging and am truly in awe of it github.com/mafintosh/is-my-jso

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