hi mastodon let's be friends

- computer witch (, )
- newb
- ❤ writing, karaoke, hardware hacking, cats, snacks, socks, mischief



@keezee i'm great! still finding my way around but rly digging the vibes and community here ✨

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@arizzitano thanks, Mastodon rules! :) What do you do for a living?

@keezee i'm a (mostly frontend) software engineer working in open education. and yourself?

@arizzitano ahh that's what I'm trying to transition to full time. Currently in digital Marketing, and working as a freelancer part time building websites for SMB's. About to start a boot camp at the end of May actually ! So jazzed

@keezee rad! lmk if you have any questions. frontend is a ton of fun; i think you'll enjoy it.

@arizzitano I like it a ton so far! What JS frameworks and libraries do you use most day to day?

@keezee react/redux is my bread and butter, plus a webpack + babel + eslint toolchain. highly recommend create-react-app (github.com/facebookincubator/c) if you're looking to get started with that sort of stuff!

@arizzitano for sure! I've been trying to get a solid grasp on vanilla JS and jQuery before diving in React. What are your thoughts on this strategy? Should I just jump into React? I am super interested in learning it, just not sure how much I will miss if I get in too early

@keezee yes! i'd definitely recommend learning vanilla first. i can't really speak for jQuery, since folks don't use it as much anymore and (for me at least) it encouraged a lot of bad habits. but for vanilla, definitely check out Crockford's The Good Parts if you haven't already 👌

@arizzitano interesting, do you think jQuery is dying out? Is that a book or an online course?

@keezee i kinda do! browsers are a lot more consistent with their DOM/JS feature support than they used to be, so there's less of a need for it. it definitely doesn't hurt to be familiar with jQuery, but i'd be careful about relying too heavily on it without understanding what's going on under the hood. and The Good Parts is a book! amazon.com/JavaScript-Good-Par

@arizzitano interesting! I'll definitely check out that book! Thank you so much 😋

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