it's a beautiful spring day so of course i have wasted half of it messing with sed

gen x complains about emoji in stdout but didn't they do the same thing with ascii art?

rainy afternoon, ravyn lenae, green tea, webpack pipeline hackery

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Really nice that Mastodon leaves the Redux dev tools enabled in production. It offers a great example of a reasonably sophisticated Redux store to learn from.

also i came across this bit of occult javascript while debugging and am truly in awe of it

learnings from an > migration:

- yarn's official docs are v sparse. better technical details here:
- deterministic installs + committable lockfiles = 💞
- by design, yarn doesn't create binary symlinks for transitive deps (
- relying on transitive binaries is hacky anyway; better to install explicitly
- ⚠ it's NOT a drop-in replacement.

hi mastodon let's be friends

- computer witch (, )
- newb
- ❤ writing, karaoke, hardware hacking, cats, snacks, socks, mischief

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