A lot of people: Open Source has a rockstar problem

@ariasuni Kinda nice idea, but terrible name, even terribler font on that page.

@cadadr Idk it just makes me cringe to see that we’re still trying to create «stars», if you read it it’s some kind of VIP club.

Also yeah the font is fucking horrible, what the hell even is this y. Letters don’t all look the same height. The @ is square and it’s not good. Very distracting and not very beautiful

@cadadr @ariasuni "the world’s largest open source community"

just because you're a hosting provider, doesn't make you a "community", github 🙄

(I was going to ask why the font was so bad, before I realized I set ublock to block all remote fonts by default for exactly this reason :D)

@Craftplacer My point was mostly that events that try to create stars (literally it’s called «GitHub stars») is detrimental to our culture, where e.g. we put a few above the rules of most, and people will drink what «influencers» say, etc.

@ariasuni yeah it's stupid too, I don't get it..

Where I am hanging around with weebs doing c++ or fedi stuff, I can't find myself seeing someone who works on JS stuff as a star or something.

@ariasuni half of OSS contributions of these people are to huge-ass proprietary companies as part of their employment contract, how is this helping anyone, lmao

@a1ba I think you’re missing the point, see my other answer

@ariasuni oh sorry I missed that.

Well... yeah??? I very agree about this.
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