: Resize Window with a Mouse + Key Combo

You probably already know that you can move a window around by holding the [Alt] key, left-clicking on the window and dragging.

You can also resize a window in a similar way: Move the cursor to somewhere near the center-top of a window.Hold down the [Alt] key, click the right mouse button and drag. Drag the top border of the window up and down. The same applies to each corner and side.💡

Note: From Plasma 5.20, instead of [Alt] use [Meta] (Windows key).


@kde By the way, if people are reading this and bothered by the shortcut change:

1. There was a really good reason behind the change: bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3
2. The behavior was and is still configurable (System Settings → Window Management → Windows Actions tab → change Modifier key)

@ariasuni Huh, that's already how I configured it?

It just made sense that the "windows" key would be used to manage windows, and it's not used for anything else.

@faho Well I never thought about it (I mean, GNOME and Xfce does or did that), but since I read about it in This Week in KDE I’m convinced that’s more logical.

@ariasuni @faho That's funny timing, I just hit the exact same issue using Gimp like a week or two ago and remapped it to meta as well so I could use Gimp.

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