So about , I’m currently working on what I like to call «Tab Center Quantum». The idea is to rewrite some parts independently to experiment and see what could be integrated back easily:

– Redo CSS so that it’s easier to maintain and easier for users to change/extend, and also shorter and more performant
– Make animations more fluid (use requestAnimationFrame, better use of IntersectionObserver, etc.)

I also would like to add unit tests to the project, and at the moment the only viable way to test the extension seems to be to launch tests in the extension already loaded in the browser.

I can’t see anybody doing it that way except Tree Style Tab so I’m gonna see what they are doing and see how I can integrate that properly in .

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@ariasuni yeah, in-browser tests for add-ons are likely the easiest way currently.

This is how I do it in my add-ons, at least.
See for details. 😃

@rugk Looks good! One thing I regret is that people seem to be doing libraries for WebExtensions (like piroor, the author of Tree Style Tab) but they are not published on npmjs for example so I can’t find them.

Anyway I do most stuff by myself because it’s often simpler and I want my extension to be blazing fast and energy efficient, but I like to be able to use a few of them.

@ariasuni cough, cough, my one is also not publsihed on npm, you see… 😃

But these are also ES6 modules, which are statically linked (in dependencies), so this makes it a little complicated.
That's why I currently use git submodules there… 🙈

As for fast: Yes, these libs are written for one purpose only and are actually fast. I use them in all my add-ons.
They are also small. They just help doing some common things I don't want to redo each time.

Thanks a lot for your work on Tab Center Reborn, I use it every day with hundreds of tabs on Firefox Nightly and never had one problem with it :blob_cat_heart:

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