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90% of tech is just picking the worst possible solution and spending a million worker years making it work with vc money

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Coucou les gens !
Petit message à partager si vous voulez bien, toutes réponses appréciées.

Mon papa, sage-femme depuis plusieurs décennies, veut se reconvertir professionnellement dans l'informatique. Il a pas mal de connaissances de base, mais manque les compétences nécessaires pour être embauché. Il recherche donc une formation, mais est submergé par tout ce qui existe et est très perdu.

Donc ma question ça serait :

-Qu'est-ce que vous conseilleriez comme formation(s) dans l'informatique à une personne comme lui ? Qui permette de trouver du travail le + facilement possible, et si possible du télétravail.

Toutes suggestions bienvenues, merci beaucoup !

#formation #informatique #reconversion

The bughunt is on! Join KDE devs and help get rid of all the annoying bugs in Plasma 5.24 Beta. The action is being coordinated from the Plasma Matrix room. You can reach it directly via your web browser here:

Ah, j'ai un pote dont la boîte recherche des ingés réseau.

Ça intéresse quelqu'un ? Ce serait soit à Lille, soit à Rennes.

J'attends qu'il me file le lien pour publier l'annonce.


#Mastodon #admin / #moderators, do you sometimes “Limit” (silence) local users?

Comment vous suivez les releases et/oiu CVE des softs que vous gérez en tant qu'adminsys ?

Jusqu'à présent j'utilise des flux RSS, mais plus le temps passe, plus je suis frustré par les clients RSS que j'ai testé.
Est-ce qu'il y a des clients orienté pour cet usage spécifique ? Ou alors est-ce que vous faites de manière complètement différentes ? Mailing list ?

@ariasuni That was a very good read, thank you for sharing that article.
Something that wasn’t mentioned was the use of honeypots to catch spam. They have privacy implications, since you need to share data with a third-party service, but they are still better than reCAPTCHA.

Please RT
I am looking for self hosted solutions for caldav, carddav and markdown notes.
I'm a lousy sysadmin, the simpler the better.
I'm looking for web interface for calendar and contacts, and sync for notes app.
I would also like to hear other different solutions, how do you have it?
I currently use nextcloud only for caldav and carddav and it's a pain to maintain.
I was thinking of using standard notes for notes, but the free editor is plain text and the server feels cumbersome.

not work in progress anymore, and here is my review:

again i'm not a moderator, and i'd personally would like more moderator eyes on this before this ships to make sure nothing important is lost in this change

On recherche un·e designer d'interface pour rejoindre notre équipe !
Merci pour le partage !

Nobody outside the fields of mathematics, physics or engineering would ever hotly debate mathematics, physics or engineering at the dinner table.
But when it comes to psychology, sociology or linguistics, everyone is an expert all of a sudden. Even if they haven't taken a single class on the subject

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- `from stackoverflow import *` (
- Ai powered auto completion

what could go wrong?

"University prepares you for real life"

:blobcatthinkingglare: Compsci students:
- Memorize everything
- Exams without tools or even computers
- Everything must be perfect on first try

:blobcatbolb: Actual job:
- All the IDEs
- Stack overflow
- Import random libraries
- Hotfix #​3472 rolls back past two hotfixes plz update

At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we're now hiring our first full-time UX Designer. I'm the hiring manager for this role, so HMU if you have questions.

This person will work closely with the SecureDrop team (open source whistleblower submission system) & other teams at FPF.

It's a fully remote gig. We're a US-based org; international applicants are very welcome, but we do ask for some time zone overlap for real-time collaboration -- see the posting for more details.

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