So apparently Mozilla let go 250 employees including the threat management team.
To make it even worse they announce this in a blog post full of corporate doublespeak.

Also Mitchel baker has a salary of 2.5$ Mil which apparently couldn't be lowered so they at least wouldn't have had to let got the *threat management team*.


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Looks like social dot hatthieves dot es has a new subdomain, pleroma at hatthieves dot es

As a reminder: this is an instance that just hosts mass-follow bots which is really shady

So the new one, belonging to an instance already blocked, has been blocked too.

cc @freyja_wildes

The web can't be saved under capitalism

it would be cool if this toot reached a lot of different fediverse implementations (boosts welcome)

acceptable archive formats for internet distribution in 2020 are:

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"this is the tape archiver. it's good for archiving things to a tape for long term backups. it has no concept of random access or character sets or anything that would make it suitable for distributing files over the internet. also, this is exactly what we mostly use it for, because we just Do Not Give A Fuck" - *nix users, apparently

"Participating in a sizeable software project such as #Funkwhale can seem daunting at first, but I'd like to assure everyone that it is a very welcoming project run by people who love to receive suggestions, contributions, and support from as many people as they can. Given our anti-meritocratic stance, we believe in encouraging people to get involved, helping them achieve what they've set out to achieve, and ultimately grow alongside us."

:betty: Hello, #Funkwhale friend! We are looking for contributors, and maybe you could help us!

We're currently looking for development help, but there's lots of other ways to contribute. Give this new blog a read, and share with anyone you think might be interested. And @ us with any questions.

:wanda: Getting Involved With Funkwhale:

Remember that awful bug uncovered/partially-fixed a couple days ago where removing followers through the /relationships page would not cause the receiving instance to process the removal?

That, and other bugs, and communication errors, may lead to inconsistencies in different instances' view on who someone's followers are.

I'm trying to fix that, this is pretty early WiP, but it's starting to take shape:


thanks a lot to @val for finally maybe figuring out what caused the index corruptions various Mastodon admins ran into: PostgreSQL may use localized rules to sort strings, and, without extra care, those rules can change other time as libs are updated.


Dans #firefox 🦊 il existe des caractères spéciaux pour faire des recherches particulière dans la barre du haut !

- % pour chercher dans les onglets ouverts
- * pour chercher dans les marques pages

Et bien d'autres:

So there's a bug related to "followers only" toots:

- a post that's "followers only" can be seen by people who don't follow you as of now
- it's a known bug, there's a fix coming
- I'll post an Announcement when the instance is up to date
- the problem is on the receiving side so it won't be fully fixed until other instances are up to date
- even once the fix is deployed everwhere, all the issues still won't be entirely corrected.

Funkwhale, search 

Finally, has a dedicated search page, in addition to the autocomplete search, it's featured in the attached video.

It allows you to quickly browse lots of results, by category (track, album, artist, playlist, tag, etc.)

Funkwhale dev 

Fixed a really old issue today, by giving user the ability to change their email.

I know, it's really late to implement this only now, but at least it will be part of our 1.0 release.

The plural of "index" is "indices".
The plural of "vertex" is "vertices".
The plural of "mutex" is "deadlock".

-- @agmlego

i like bat ( as a console code reader, or 'less' with syntax highlighting and line numbers

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