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We need to find a way to get the @pixelfed developer Patreon higher.... @dansup needs to cover more development time to get that platform stable.

I could imagine him taking a percentage point off meta stock if we have enough people migrate from Instagram, and stay around.

C'est grâce à vos dons que nous développons PeerTube et travaillons à ce que les vidéastes rencontrent leur public.

Ce matin, nous en sommes à 13 851 € sur les 200 000 € nécessaires pour boucler notre campagne de dons 2022. Merci de nous aider !

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Hello world. I hear that introduction posts are a thing.

I'm Nick Mathewson, an old beardy #nerd who likes: #badpuns #computers #privacy #sf #languages #cryptography #cooking #decentralization and #rust.

I'm one of the founders of the #Tor project and one of the original authors of the Tor privacy software. I'm still writing #anonymity software at Tor; these days my focus is on #Arti. I do not speak on Tor's behalf.

I will strive to maintain a fairly even shitpost/content ratio.

:boost_ok:​ jill is looking for full-time remote jobs 

hello! i'm Jill Monoids, a full stack web developer, video game modder & developer and Linux system administrator and general expert at computer wrangling. i'm looking for a job in any of the above!

i'm not picky; if it's a programming job, preferably it'd be something in a language i'm proficient in (lua, typescript, haskell), however i'm willing to learn!

has to be remote and accept people from russia; however i'm more than willing to look into moving out whenever possible

you can view my resume here and you can email me [here](mailto:// (or just DM me here). boosts highly appreciated!!


#Neutrinet lance un appel aux dons, car depuis plusieurs mois l'association ne parvient plus à couvrir ses dépenses :

violences conjugales / stalk 

Comment le « meilleur » stalkerware grand public s’adresse aux hommes en mal de contrôle | NextInpact

"Un Français répondant sur cinq déclarait avoir déjà surveillé, fouillé le téléphone de son ou sa partenaire sans son autorisation."

OUCH ._____.

The European Commission is working to promote eco-design and extend the repairability score to the whole of Europe.
It is crucial that the availability of spare parts is also extended to the general public.

#fairtec #sustainabledesign #repairability #smartphones

Article from @Reporterre in 🇫🇷:

Part 3 of my series on post-collapse computing is out:

This time: Concrete directions and ideas for how we could make our software more resilient. Some hightlights 🧵

Hi everyone ! 🎃 :blobcatcoffee:

We're happy to open our spooky beta-testing for YunoHost 11.1.

Highlights for this release:
- 🦸 Replace the 'admin' user with an 'admins' group
- 📦 Support for a new "v2" packaging
- 🌐 Rework the domain views in the webadmin
- 🎛️ Make 'global' settings available from the webadmin
- 🌙 Add a dark theme for the webadmin

We're gonna keep improving this version in the coming weeks, but would be glad to get your feedback already ! 😋

(edit for more clarification)

We need a new router. Preferably something that's actively cooled, runs OpenWRT, and is a decent WiFi access point?
I don't know enough about antenna setups to really know what we want here but our current TP-Link router barely manages to cover the whole flat (which really isn't _that_ big)

Anyone got recommendations?

Well, well received fantastic news from @NGIZero

Funding for @gitea #federation got accepted! @a @6543 and I will be working on implementing Federation into Gitea.

As well funding for @mcaptcha got accepted! @realaravinth and I will be working on improving mCaptcha.

(Many thanks to @dachary for helping with this!)


Gitea funding link:

mCaptcha funding link:

#mcaptcha #gitea #nlnet #ngiZero #funding

Hey OSM mappers, if you to take OpenStreetMap one step above Google Maps, and start helping a while bunch of truck drivers, start mapping weight, height, and width restrictions!

Because right the only options that provide this kind of data and routing are proprietary and horribly expensive /o\

News from the forge furnace/lab:

- Forge federation blog coming soon
- New UI is initial WIP, it's a big project for me (I don't have frontend experience) so I may need more help/funding to get it to happen
- I'm working on minimal UI for adding and viewing collaborators, backed by ForgeFed OCAPs
- Next backend features: Teams, projects, OCAP delegation
- Submitted grant application to NLNet
- @6543 is working on a Docker setup for Vervis
- Going to submit a talk for LibrePlanet 2023


My instance is shutting down

If you have any recommendations where I could migrate, please tell me

@ashfurrow thank you for your work, I haven't been very active or even had an account here for a long time but it was a good time thanks to you and your efforts :blobhajheart: I am absolutely sorry for your personal problems, I wish you and your family the best 💙

Since is closing, where do I move? I feel like it would be nice to continue having an account dedicated to technology, even though I don’t have much time to work on it right now. A glitch-soc instance would be nice, and I would like to be to post in French as well (which isn’t allowed on Fosstodon for moderation reasons).

We absolutely love seeing how helpful the FOSS / Thunderbird community is here on the Fediverse. Unlike every other social platform we're on, you're constantly helping each other with issues.

And we sincerely appreciate that, since it's basically one person handling all the comms.

Rock on, Thunderbird family!

Bon ça me gonfle.

J'essaye d'installer nextcloud sur mon serveur mais quand je tente la commande d'installation occ maintenance:install, je me heurte à un mur où il me dit que le MySQL username and/or password is not valid.

J'ai checké au moins 10 fois que c'était le bon login et mdp pour la db. J'ai même enlevé les caractères spéciaux au cas où, mais non, ça marche pas, et j'ai aucune idée pourquoi.


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