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development update 

So I spent hours investigating this exa issue tonight, which may be a Rust stdlib issue:

I started handling exa bug reports again a bit, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to fix/implement stuff anytime soon.

job openings 

Dashlane is recruiting a lot developers and engineers, but also customer service agents, designers, in sales, HR, etc. In New York/Paris/Lisbon (full remote possible).

I’m working there since one month and so far it’s nice and good and care about inclusivity (I can tell you more in DM if you consider applying).

Become a Plasma productivity wiz! Use the Plasma keyboard shortcut cheatsheet to get the most out of KDE's Plasma desktop.

Created by u/wael_ch. Original at

JavaScript, rant 

I cannot import a file with an absolute path because there is also a (deprecated) module with the same name in my node_modules. I swear this language ecosystem cannot be saved and everything must be trashed.

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JavaScript, rant 

> It has therefore made sense in recent years to start thinking about providing mechanisms for splitting JavaScript programs up into separate modules that can be imported when needed. […] there are a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks that enable module usage (for example, other CommonJS and AMD-based module systems like RequireJS, and more recently Webpack and Babel).

First, it’s so fucking dumb. Two, how do I know what the project I’m working on is using.

Is there some self hosted/ fediverse software to do live radio broadcasts? (the fediverse aspect would mostly be that people could follow when the broadcast goes live, etc) :boost_ok:

so apparently you can run shaders as your wallpaper in KDE?? so here's a desktop ft. @SuricrasiaOnline

my personal instance just got murdered by OTP24
DO. NOT. RESTART your pleroma (stable?) if you have an OTP24 installed or ⚰️

est-ce que vous connaissez des formations à distance sur un an qui donnent un niveau Bac+5 (je vais avoir dans pas longtemps un bac+4), sur le devops et/ou le cloud ?

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humanity has progressed past the need for stopping at 60 characters

important PSA for cat owners in the UK 

@Vordus @ari There's another article on general advice about what to do with this and what to do if you think your cat might have been affected

important PSA for cat owners in the UK 

important PSA for cat owners in the UK 

All dry cat food from AVA, Applaws and Sainsbury's is being recalled for contamination very likely to kill your cat.

I'm playing with the python rich module and am really in love with it, I think I'm going to force it on every project I'm involved in to get better error messages and a bunch of other cool things (it provides so much stuff it's awesome)

it's 2021 and games still use wasd assuming everyone uses a qwerty layout and do not offer to change keybindings

programing, art 

The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie

This talk is awesome. From Logo, Game of Life, the Mandelbrot set, generative art; to obfuscated C programs; all the way the way to esoteric programing languages and experiment, a lot of which I never heard about.

It was frankly awesome. This makes me love computers and programing

[update AAH]

Comme l'a dit qq1 sur le discord objectif autonomie : Je n'avais pas compris jusque là, mais on vient de m'informer que " l'amendement a été accepté" signifie en fait "l'amendement sera voté ou refusé lors du vote du 17 juin" et non "l'amendement a été irrémédiablement ajouté dans la proposition de loi et c'est la proposition de loi avec l'amendement qui sera acceptée ou refusée"...

Donc : il faut à tout prix faire pression pour que l'amendement LREM ne passe pas. Il y a des manifs prévues :
- Lille 11 juin
- Grenoble 11 juin
- Renne 12 juin
- Paris 13 juin

(la pétition, elle, est considérée comme ayant atteint son but puisque la proposition de loi a été débattue, elle sera donc archivée)

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