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💎 OpenRefine is running its two-yearly user survey! 💎 Do you use OpenRefine? Then fill in the survey to tell us how and why you use OpenRefine. Results and outcomes will inform future decisions about the tool. 👉 openrefine.limesurvey.net/1559 💙

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@apsmith I’m also using Metatext, so could still be the client. Confirms it’s not just me, at least!

Anybody else seeing “too many requests” errors?

So trying out Mastodon again. It looks like I have at least 1 person I follow who’s active :)

@pintoch hey there was a lot of OpenRefine talk at this past week!

#OpenRefine 3.1 beta is out! Thanks to all our contributors and to the Google News Initiative. Check it out and let us know how you find it!

I've never met a crowd so in denial as those who make excuses for what a terrible technology is.

It's remarkable to me that after years of research into graph-databases and specialized data structures (to model social relationships), Mastodon has succeeded with, uhh, Rails on top of Postgres. I love it.

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