I made this slide more than six years ago for the first conference talk I presented (!)

I only believe in this principle more strongly today. Pervasive automated testing creates a positive feedback cycle with good SDLC practices.

It's not a bad thing, in general, to have multiple tools or services that overlap, but you need composability and open APIs/protocols to keep those tools evolving and productively cross-pollinating.

I’ve got limited-edition Cumulus Suite stickers (thanks to Jason Lantz). Find me at  if you want a Conductor Codey to inspire your automation! Session Thursday at 12:30.

I'm so excited to be at next week with Beth Breisnes to show you how to Supercharge Developer Productivity with Cumulus Suite. Here's a sneak preview of the challenges we'll be tackling.

Add us to your agenda here: reg.salesforce.com/flow/plus/d

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