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Nothing is more rewarding than having leaders who understand what you do and value it based on that shared understanding.

I would love to see awareness of salary transparency laws grow in Salesforce communities. Candidates deserve to know the realistic pay ranges for open roles.

One of the characteristics I value most in my colleagues is the ability to ask smart, incisive questions. Someone who can listen closely and push you to clarify your understanding of a problem is a priceless aid to the process.

The nice thing is this contribution doesn't require much or any technical knowledge. Sometimes the best folks to play that role are experts in a totally different stack, or aren't engineers at all.

Building Python abstraction over the APIs of various Git hosts (starting with GitHub and GitLab + enterprise variations)

I distrust any SDLC process that involves ritualized communication.

An SDLC that's not built on the basic assumption that "Stuff works, and tools will let you know if it doesn't" assumes the SDLC itself cannot be trusted.

If that's the case, fix it! If it's not the case, why is everyone's time being wasted with updates that just say "All is going according to plan"?

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Applications for the second 'Talent for Good' cohort are now open! This is the first registered apprenticeship. Submit your application here:

15-character and 18-character record ids are equivalent everywhere....

Except certain parts of the Tooling API, where they're inexplicably different.

Civilization in the browser? There goes productivity for the next 4,000 years.

I would really love a Python library that abstracts forge access across GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitea, etc.

Found a very weird deployment bug that only manifests in production orgs with Chatter turned off.

I didn't think the problem I'd have with a new ultrawide would be "my VESA mounting arm is 1/2 millimeter too wide".

My system found a bug in its own assertions.

An edge case occurred in end-to-end testing. The system handled it correctly. The assertions did not.

I am so happy.

Right-wing nuts are like spammers: their messages need huge audiences to hit on vulnerable listeners, and calling them out does little to nothing.

Outraged shares only help them. Call your rep, don’t quote or repost.

If Elon's buying into Twitter, I'm paying a lot more attention to Mastodon.

API 1 has the enum value "In Progress". API 2 has "InProgress". The documentation is incorrect as to which is which. Much debugging ensues.

Experimenting with moving a Django/Postgres app from Heroku to Anyone tried this before?

CORS and OAuth are the two things debugging which makes me throw up my hands.

Time for an upgrade. Going up to 32GB RAM and adding a second SSD.

This rig's been running since 2013; it's a Computer of Theseus now.

I published the source to my Django+LWC site, Bibliothekai ( It's messy, but fun. Writing to come on how these pieces are stitched together.

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