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cartoon shoulder angel and devil but it's tiny ben shapiro and candace owens each arguing for the more racist outcome while tiny donald trump eats a taco bowl

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Basically, guitar YouTube is demotivating because it's generally a bunch of gigging professionals who are using it to get more gigs under the guise of providing "wisdom" to the masses, where the wisdom usually boils down to "here's what I, a professional, do professionally with all the time I have as a professional musician". That's not wisdom, that's a to-do list.

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one of my worst qualities is that i throw out the trail mix when the good bits are gone

@deshipu it's really premium feeling. Like, small, lightweight, but sturdy. The extra vertical space on the screen is really valuable for showing more lines in the terminal. It is beautiful and repairable, and on Arch Linux, almost everything "just works". I did not expect the trackpad to be good, or the fingerprint sensor to easily integrate with login or sudo, but it is and it does. Maybe more praise to Gnome 40 + arch, but kudos to framework for the hardware + actively maintaining their forum

the framework laptop exceeded my expectations

@viv Me too, usually! Thankful for the luck today. I also did it on my own terms - totally different when someone is pushing you for a deadline

today i worked from 10am to 9pm and I accomplished two new features, two previously undiscovered bug fixes, and a production release. Today I did good.

recently set up a blog via standard notes. It's pretty good software.

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"Close tabs to the right" is the best new feature added to modern browsers in the last decade.

It almost cured my propensity to constantly have 100+ tabs opened.

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RT @GeePawHill
One part of the "Agile" movement's failure-by-marketeer that bugs me is that TDD, the most remarkable advance in technique that's happened in my 40+ year career, is still so widely misunderstood, misused, and misrepresented.

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uhh, you claim to be starving and dying from the plague, yet you have a chimeny. i bet a sumerian high priest would have given anything to live in a house with a chimney

organizing a nationwide strike is hard

however, i have constructed an alternative plan which is much easier:

meetings are often postponed due to 1 member being unavailable.

the average paid vacation accumulation rate is 2weeks/yr

there are 52 weeks in a year

if you and 25 coworkers coordinated to take 1 rotating day of vacation every day, the meeting gets perpetually delayed and your workload is minimized. You're welcome.

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Bad program idea: you can select text anywhere and "copy" it. Then, you can put your cursor somewhere else and "paste" it. The secret sauce is that, before pasting, you spend a few seconds watching an AI spinner that magically washes away the original copyright and protects you from plagiarism.

fireworks are the most jackass way to celebrate anything send toot

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