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I don't want websites and the companies that own them to manipulate me into staying longer. I don't want them actively attempting to exploit weaknesses in my brain. I don't want to be controlled.

I just want to have interests. And I just want to live a humble life. And I want to make sure that those around me are happy and healthy.

This "value"-hungry network of companies have to be stopped.

wishing fediverse a very happy building software with minimal office politics today

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My new personality test will determine if your business has hired useless hr morons who would choose to pay for a personality test instead of giving more money to the people doing the work

would love to see the system architecture here. Any chance some deliverables/artifacts from these systems are public?

single-issue voter (trains, we should ride them)

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the history of train transport in america is so sad

people act like public transport in america would be impossible but THEY ALREADY DID IT 100 years ago
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You absolutely do not need to start selling crypto art. Seriously.

Being naive about the ecological impact of this stupid scheme is one thing. But once you know how it works, if you are still participating, you're a terrible person.

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what can software developers do NOW to mitigate climate change? what projects are missing from the renewable energy space? how can an open, sustainable software ecosystem be realized?

please share!

> Be chasing a personal record for a month

>> bike 3+hrs today, think I got close to 40miles

>>> go to check spyware smartwatch i purchased specifically for milage

>>>> fucking lost GPS at .9 miles and stopped recording

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there's a middle ground between "Linux as a personality" and " it doesn't matter at all who controls the future of computing". be careful not to react against one so hard that you slide right into the other.

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i touched 3 cats this week.
pretty good week

h0w i hAcKeD rEaLiTy to reach an average reading pace of 4 books per month:

dec 18 - i am reading 0 books
jan 18 - i am reading 0 books
feb 18 - i am reading 12 books

okay conservative crypto gang, Texas is frozen, time to come out and defend privatization of energy infrastructure

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uspol meta, death of a bigot, rude and sweary 

i'm SO fucking tired of mainstream-liberal handwringing like "oh he had a family," "don't speak ill of the dead," etc.

the man's career was literally spreading bigotry over the radio, he didn't have children and was divorced three times. fuck his dead monstrous ass, and whoever's sad about it? fuck them too

yeah i'm conservative. I like to ~conserve~ brain cells by refusing to educate myself about anything

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