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Supposedly, the party grandees brokered peace between the two main factions, but the left is rightfully suspicious about whether Biden - and Republicans-who-sit-as-Dems like Joe Manchin - will deliver anything beyond symbolic gestures.

One bright spot: Bernie Sanders is finally chairing the Senate Budget Committee, giving him enormous power over muscular covid relief packages, Medicare expansion, and rolling back Trump and Bush tax-cuts on the super-rich.


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bless senior devs for providing support to their old companies

the burglary scene in home alone but it's maga chuds stumbling into chamber police

pls enjoy my guitar sounds while the dumbest coup in history unfolds

is there something better than a Valve Index for general VR computing? I'm more interested in a virtual workspace for writing code or taking notes than gaming

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App privacy labels show stark contrasts among messaging apps


Signal - perfect!

iMessage - very good (and defensible).

WhatsApp - huh, that's starting to seem a little sus.

Facebook Messenger: oh hell no.

did I miss the course in college where you learn to do every part of your job in microsoft excel, even when it is the absolute wrong tool for the job

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I want my ideology to be concise and easily understood by my friends, but labyrinthine and unknowable to my enemies

i would pay a lot of money for a zelda mmorpg based on the botw engine

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Google workers announced their intention to form a union, under the auspices of CWA Local 1440. The union is called The Alphabet Workers Union (Google maintains the legal and accounting fiction that it is a division of a holding company called "Alphabet").

Speaking of legal fictions, the union is opening membership to "TVCs" - temps, vendors and contractors - employees who have deliberately misclassified so as to avoid paying them benefits or extending normal workplace protections to them.


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Happy Public Domain Day 2021! We should be able to celebrate a lot more works becoming free each year (terms are indefensibly long, even if you believe that copyright law itself has merit), but let's celebrate the growth of the commons regardless. This article has a good overview of some works that are now free:

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Librarians work tirelessly to keep information public, free, and accessible and that is Very cool

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the problem with like. al the devices like. the phones. the tablets etc. they just added too much stuff on them. so whenever you do anything, like, move your finger, or look at them or whatever, they bring up some new screen saying "you havent set up your daily fitness goal yet" or "theres a new movie available called Super Bat Man" or "your phone is full of Data" or "you have 64,000 unread emails from 2008" or "Today's reminders: none" or "You cannot ever leave this screen"

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Please remember that it takes both doses of the #vaccine for it to work, and then it will take about a month for it to become fully effective. Even then no vaccine creates full immunity for everyone who gets it. Even after you get the #CovidVaccine you will still need to wear a mask and social distance to protect yourself and others from this virus. It also is going to take a long time to get enough people vaccinated to create herd immunity. Please stay safe everyone, and take care of you and those around you. #COVID19 #COVID #COVID_19

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I think coding bootcamps deliberately confuse learning syntax with learning programming. It's like teaching someone spelling and grammar, then saying, "OK! You're ready to be a great novel writer now!"

need help decorating a space - where I can get computer/software posters or wall art? Looking for something more serious than cringey corporate "geek humor" but not quite literal framed hardware. Maybe infographics or ads for old tech?

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brb rebranding the philosophy of foss as "socialist software"

it's like foss except if you're a weird right wing techbro you're not allowed :dragnuwu:

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@ifixcoinops @calcifer @ajroach42 'convivial technology', is the term used by Ivan Illych in his 1973 book 'Tools for Conviviality.' His intent is to center the needs of people rather than corporations. His work influenced early open source pioneers and should be more widely read by designers, builders, programmers and engineers today. Convivial here means happy or cheerful, but also includes the older sense of 'life together.'

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