Next Wednesday, December 30, this instance will enter a maintenance window. We we be performing extensive database maintenance beginning at 8:00am EST (13:00UTC). Expect several hours of downtime.

There will be a reminder posted shortly beforehand.

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New account registrations will also be disabled until the maintenance has been finished.

⚠️ Reminder: tomorrow we will have a period of extended downtime.

We are about to go down for an extended period of downtime. See you all on the other side!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! The database maintenance has been successfully completed. We are monitoring for problems, and do anticipate some performance slowdowns for the next few hours.

Please let @ashfurrow know immediately if you see any data loss or other unexpected behaviour.

We're currently aware that media uploads are not working in the web interface. We're going to monitor to see if this resolves itself and will investigate further if it does not.

In the meantime, uploads from 3rd-party clients appear to be working. Thank you for your patience!

The issue appears to have resolved. Let @ashfurrow know if you see any other unexpected behaviour (of the Mastodon software).

@announcements I've finally done it, @bclindner. I've finally mustered the executive function necessary to test this out on staging – successfully!

@bclindner I’ve decided to do the restore still using Docker for now (I know, I know). It’s one less giant change to make. But still! Postgres will be happy 😌

@announcements This started when I was sleeping and freaked out for about 1 second before remembering.

Thank you for your efforts to make sure everyone knows what is going on.

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