This Sunday, September 22, 10:00 EST (14:00 UTC), will enter a maintenance window to transition CDN providers away from Cloudflare. This transition should "fail fast", so if it doesn't work, we can revert the change right away to restore functionality.

Expect intermittent downtime while we perform server reboots.

Reminder: we are about to enter a maintenance window, please excuse the intermittent downtime.

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Okay, reboots complete! We’ve moved our traffic over to use our new CDN provider. You may need to refresh browsers to receive a new Content-Security Policy response header.

The migration away from Cloudflare is still an ongoing project, since they are still DNS nameservers for m.t and we want this CDN change to stabilize first. But this is the biggest step. A blog post outlining the steps we took and lessons learned is forthcoming.

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Cloudflare was an appealing option because it’s free, and the new CDN is not. Luckily, donations from our instance’s Patrons *should* already be enough to cover the additional cost. Thank you all so much ❤️

@announcements Didn't know, cloudflare was free ...
What kind of "free" are you refering to?
"If its free, you pay by your data" - free?

@7usr7local it’s free as in, you have to pay to use their “Pro” features, but not for bandwidth.

@7usr7local @announcements that's what Cloudflare is - and the reason for the move away from it. Remember my calling out? 😋

@IzzyOnDroid @7usr7local yeah, Izzy deserves a lot of credit here for pushing the change and doing research into alternatives

@announcements @7usr7local I just called out. It was the Mastodon community who boosted, and came up with recommendations. I'm really glad Ash picked up the idea (turned out he already had it all along himself, and we just provided the final kick to implement the move). I'm proud for all of us, proud to be part of this community - and proud of having @ashfurrow as admin of the instance I chose 👌🖖💪👏

@7usr7local @announcements free for "web content", paid for videos and software distribution. Free is very limited. No support for standard HTTP cache-directives and the like.

@announcements Which CDN provider did you end up using? Price per GB?

@announcements @da how much $ does this instance end up eating up for this CDN?

But yeah fuck cloudflare - a plague upon the internet.

@Wraptile @da I estimate the new CDN will cost about $15/month, but we'll see!

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