Good morning. I'm seeing some timeouts on the server so I'm going to do a quick reboot to hopefully resolve. Please standby.

Site monitoring for indicates intermittent refused connections. DigitalOcean, our cloud hosting provider, is experiencing network issues that may be related. I will continue to monitor.

If anyone has problems accessing the instance, let @ashfurrow know 👍

We had a bit of an outage earlier, with intermittent accessibility of the m.t instance. I’ve done another reboot and am monitoring.


I’ve reconfigured nginx to support a higher number of simultaneous connections, which should alleviate the immediate problems while I do more investigation into nginx tuning. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Sorry for the intermittent downtime; I've got the server into a stable-ish state and will take another stab at reconfiguring nginx tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

@announcements Ok Ash, I've learned my lesson, I will no longer hack on production servers.

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