Tomorrow at 14:00 EST (19:00 UTC) will enter a 1-hour maintenance window to upgrade the Mastodon software our instance uses. There will be some database migrations, so expect intermittent downtime and slow server responses.


This maintenance window got rescheduled, we’ll be upgrading the servers tomorrow at 15:00 ETC (20:00 UTC). Sorry for the shuffle!

Reminder: we're about a half hour away from the maintenance window. It might be extended this time, there's been a new release of Mastodon (2.7.1) since I upgraded the Docker images and they're rebuilding now.

The images are taking longer to build than I'd hoped, so I'm going to extend the maintenance window. 2.7.1 includes a few security patches, so it's worth taking the time to leapfrog 2.7.0 entirely. I'll keep everyone posted.

Okay, the new image looks good on staging, going to begin the production upgrade. Expect slowness and intermittent downtime.

Upgrade is completed, but an icon indicating the number of replies is missing. I'm looking into it.

The problem looks like a small merge conflict problem, which has been fixed here:

Once the Docker image builds, I'll restart the server and we'll leave the maintenance window. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Okay, that fix has been deployed!

m.t is now running the latest release of Mastodon: 2.7.1. Release notes are here:

If you see any problems with the instance, please let @ashfurrow know. Thanks again for your patience, and have just a swell evening 🤗

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