Tomorrow morning beginning at 10:00 EDT there will be a two-hour maintenance window. Expect intermittent, short periods of downtime while server patches are applied and additional server resources are added to accommodate higher load. Thank you for your patience.

Followup: our apologies for the extended downtime this morning. An interrupted host upgrade caused a problem and we had to restore from backups.

The database was unaffected and there was no data loss. However, site performance is still recovering. We have closed registrations in the meantime (though users can still invite others directly).

Further followup: site is back up but still experiencing slowness. A fix is running, I'll keep you updated.

If you're getting errors in the browser, try reloading not-from-cache. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Okay, attempted script didn't help site performance. Going to try something else. There'll be some downtime in ten minutes, hopefully not too long. I'll keep you all updated.


Alright! We're back at our former performance levels! So the fix worked but it reverted the fix for our memory problems.

That's okay! We're stable for now. We can re-try the memory fix later. I'll let you know when that's coming up.

Again, a sincere thank you to everyone for their patience today. It's been a stressful day and the best part of getting the site back up has been getting your messages of support. Thank you.

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Account registration on is open again.

@announcements @ashfurrow, I commend you on how serious you're taking this endeavor. Glad to be on board for it.

@announcements great work, I missed the maintenance notice and was saddened to see the site down. Thanks for all you do!

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