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For status updates from admin, especially during downtime, please use

Thank you to @SuperFloppies for building this and to @sporiff for helping test it ❤️

We have temporarily disabled trending hashtags on the instance while we investigate why they weren’t updating and implement a fix.

We have re-opened registration (new users still go through approval).

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In about ten minutes, we will be rebooting some Docker containers. Expect a few moments of downtime.

Server upgrades have been completed, but we will continue to monitor. ElasticSearch full-text searching has also been re-enabled, though the index will be missing posts from a few hours today (we will fix this long term, but want things to stabilize for now).

Thanks again everyone.

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Tonight at 6pm EST (22:00 UTC) the instance will enter a maintenance window to perform server upgrades. Expect extended downtime.

To address excess server load, we have temporarily disabled our ElasticSearch integration. Instance search will be limited to users and hashtags while we sort out what’s going on. Thank you for your patience.

Due to a wave of spam account signups, we have temporarily disabled new users from registering. Existing users are still able to invite their friends, though!

In five minutes, we'll be going down for a quick reboot to apply some more UI theming updates. Stay tuned.

Okay, all done! The SolarizedDark theme has been updated for higher contrast and better accessibility – thank you to @trevdev

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In a few minutes, we'll be doing a quick reboot to apply some CSS fixes for our custom themes. Please stand by...

As a reminder, the full list of instances which have been silenced/suspended is available on our about page:

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Based on evidence from other admins showing the failure of to moderate hateful speech from users on that instance, we have suspended federation with them – reach out to @ashfurrow with questions.

Just had to restart some Docker containers. Average load was spiking, will continue to monitor.

Another reboot due to extreme CPU usage. We are monitoring and will investigate this weekend.

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