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For status updates from admin, especially during downtime, please use

Thank you to @SuperFloppies for building this and to @sporiff for helping test it ❤️

Just had to restart some Docker containers. Average load was spiking, will continue to monitor.

Another reboot due to extreme CPU usage. We are monitoring and will investigate this weekend.

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Just had a little reboot. StatusCake reported an outage; everything looked fine from here but let’s be cautious.

Okay! Reboots are done and the security patches are applied. The release notes are here:

Reach out to @ashfurrow or @bclindner with any questions.

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Mastodon 3.1.5 has been released with security patches. We will be working on an upgrade tonight EDT, and will post notices before any downtime. Expect periodic unavailability during reboots.

The instance is about to go down for a reboot. We will be right back.

When @ashfurrow set up this instance, it was configured so new users would already be following him and this announcements account. Since then, m.t has gained a (fantastic!) moderation team and even brought on another administrator 🎉

Yesterday, the server was reconfigured so new users only follow this account upon signup. Additionally, older+inactive local accounts were made to unfollow Ash to rectify an inflated follower count.

Anyone is free to re-/un-follow. If you have questions, please reach out.

As we were offline for several hours today, federated posts will be trickling in for the rest of the day. This may cause a slowdown in usual performance as well.

Postgres has appeared to handle the incident well and there appears to be no data loss or corruption. We will be monitoring.

We post updates at when things go down.

Have a good day, and take care.

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Hello again, friends. Our apologies for the extended and unexpected downtime. DigitalOcean had an incident involving their block storage, which we use to store our database.

The incident is still being investigated, but things appear to be working now. More information here:

We just had a little reboot to address a low-memory warning. Thanks for you patience 🙏

We're about to do a quick server reboot to apply updated Content-Security Policy headers. Expect a very short downtime.

Okay, we've upgraded from 3.1.2 to 3.1.4. You can read the release notes here:

Take care everyone 💜

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Thursday June 4th at noon EDT (16:00 UTC) the instance will enter a maintenance window for server upgrades. Expect periods of intermittent downtime.

Thursday June 4th at noon EDT (16:00 UTC) the instance will enter a maintenance window for server upgrades. Expect periods of intermittent downtime.

All done 🙌 6742 remote accounts that no longer exist were cleaned out of the database. Remote accounts from instances which didn’t respond to network requests were left untouched, in case those instances were only temporarily unreachable.

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