I like the idea of making a DIY midi saxophone. Just a very basic one to make some noise

I'm guessing the hard part is measuring the breath. You could measure pressure, but if you're simulating a real sax it would have air passing straight through. I'm not sure the pressure would change much?


@gbrnt You could use a hotwire anemometer to measure the windspeed!

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@angelostavrow Yeah that would be super cool - maybe overkill? I wonder if it's enough to just measure the pressure. That would mean you can save your breath!

@gbrnt To measure pressure, I *think* you'd need a closed volume — whereas a sax is a flow-through instrument, right? Like blowing into a test tube vs. blowing through a straw.

@angelostavrow Yeah - although it looks like people have done it blowing into a closed volume, so maybe it doesn't feel that weird? I think I'd have to try it to find out.

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