Current status: Sipping coffee, watching the kitten who’s perched on the windowsill, trying to catch the big fluffy snowflakes falling outside.

the cyber monday sale 

As for the actual sale, it's still going on until tonight at 11:59pm Eastern. There are discounts on:

- Pro (25% off - new and existing users)
- Teams (25% off - new users)
- eBook add-on (30% off)
- @writefreely iOS app (33% off)

Hopefully there's something in there you might like. For all the details, see our @deals post:

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It's #NaNoWriMo! ✍️ 📖

As is tradition, we're opening up the "Novel" blog format, and offering one additional blog to hold your novel, at no extra cost.

Read more about it on our @blog:

It's , so please enjoy this photo of our kitten Merlin. He's nearly 8 months old, just shy of 9½ lbs, and super affectionate.

There's a point where you realize that you can't see if you've adequately cleaned your reading glasses without putting on your reading glasses.

Every morning, Merlin plunks himself on my desk, between me and my computer monitor, to hunt the elusive mouse cursor.

Sometimes, the single most important thing to do in the morning is: sit on the couch, with the kitten curled up on my lap, purring, as I sip my coffee.

Wrapping up some work on improvements to WriteFreely for iOS 15. This should also make navigation work more smoothly in iOS 14, too!

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Renaming “Do Not Disturb” to “Focus” in iOS 15, and expanding how the feature works, is very cool.

Allowing developers to register notifications as “Time Sensitive” to break through Focus, without giving users the ability to report apps that abuse this feature, is… less cool.

If you're running the WriteFreely for Mac beta, check for test version updates! You should find one for v0.6.0, which now lets you restore the window by clicking on the app's icon in the Dock, plus fixes a potential crashing bug.

Something no-one told me about kittens: their parkour sessions are intense, and really entertaining.

Except when it happens at 3AM.

On your face.

I'm giving a talk at 12pm Eastern on how we've implemented Web Monetization in @write_as, @writefreely, and @snap_as. Come check it out!

I've seen plenty of smog warnings in my life living in Montreal, but I honestly can't remember a day where it actually smelled like smoke outside.

See Ontario's forest-fire interactive map.

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