Public health authorities state that there have been next to zero cases of the flu reported in Quebec and Canada since April 2020.

I keep forgetting that submitting a new build for the same version of an app in TestFlight gets approved way faster than submitting a new version altogether.

I've been working on getting back into running -- I quit when the pandemic initially hit. Can anyone recommend a mask that works well for running in that plays nice with glasses? I can't run without my glasses and all of my current masks (mostly homemade cloth dealios) don't work for running in, either falling off, or causing my glasses to fog right up. I've tried some glasses goops and sprays, and they work a bit, but not wicked well (probably because I'm running the cold). Boosts welcome.

(Alt text didn't come through for the image in the prior toot: "Photo of a bottle of olive oil called Molòn Lavè")

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I'm not one to use profanity too often on social media, but this was the only thing that kept coming to mind as I stared at the blank page.

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Update: click "More info…", then click the "Install Now" button, and it all sorts itself out — no restart required.


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Having to restart my Mac just to update SF Symbols feels like a bit of a regression, no?

Trying to figure out how to add the Sparkle updater library to a SwiftUI-lifecycle Mac app is... non-trivial.

New Year sale on 

Continuing a tradition started last year, we're doing another sale for the end of the year 🎊

Until December 31, we're offering an extra 25% off our annual and five-year Pro subscriptions!

Get everything on for $54/year or $180/five years.

Heads up: if you’re looking to write more in the New Year, WriteFreely for iOS is 33% off until December 31st. 🎉

This is your yearly reminder that if you’re planning on starting/changing/breaking a habit in 2021, it’s not a bad idea to give yourself a running start at the end of 2020.

Also: you got this. 🙌

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