So, I'm asking, as embarrassing as it is that I don't have enough diversity in my network to do it on my own:

Can you amplify this to help us find #francophone, #Black, #indigenous, and #Asian #Canadian people, able and willing to do the hard work of helping a group remember to take diverse needs into account at the offset, so we can make a good #SocialSpace for everyone from the get go?

If that sounds like you, bless you, could you let me know so we can get a conversation started?


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Did I miss something? When did Day One get acquired by Automattic?

It’s 2022 and there are still password fields that block pasting from the clipboard.

I have been procrastinating on moving this account off for a bit too long. Thinking about hosting my own personal instance, thoughts?

🚨 Reminder: will be shut down soon 🚨

Full details here:

Key points:

⚠️ Migrate your account immediately ⚠️

Official docs are here:

This is a helpful guide:

The instance will stop accepting new local posts and become "read only" mode on November 1. Migration will still be possible. The instance will continue to federate until at least December 1. It will then self-destruct:

What's the easiest platform to build a simple photography website / portfolio on?

Specifically looking for hosted site-builders, i.e. no tech skills needed, not a social network, you can use your own domain name.

Canadians: how much importance do you place on humidex in you weather forecast?

Migrated the business email from GSuite Legacy to FastMail 🎉

Just marked 667 items in NetNewsWire as read. As the year comes to a close, it's nice to wipe some slates clean and start over.

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