Feeling the need for a new profile photo — this one is three years old.

On the plus side, I look at least 37% better these days.

takes off mask


Make that 19% worse.

I deleted my Instagram account months ago—I was too creeped out by the service to use it. I have a new-ish Flickr account, which is still the best photography-focused social network IMHO. flickr.com/photos/astavrow/

Winter is coming.

(Alt: A screenshot of a portion of an iPhone lock screen saying "Good Morning" and indicating a current temperature of -6C.)

WriteFreely for iOS v1.0.1 is now rolling out to the App Store! There are a whole lot of little fixes and improvements to the app — check them out here! discuss.write.as/t/writefreely

We just released v1.0.1 of our #WriteFreely iOS app!

This update comes with plenty of quality-of-life improvements, plus some bug fixes. See the full changelog on the forum: discuss.write.as/t/writefreely

Almost filled the espresso machine’s tank with coffee beans and the coffee grinder’s hopper with water, so I guess it’s Monday. 😴

We just released a new beta version of our #WriteFreely iOS app! If you're a tester, you can get the latest release on TestFlight now.


Is it just me, or has “Listen for ‘Hey Siri’” when your iPhone is locked just… stopped working lately?

(Yes, “Allow Siri When Locked” is enabled.)

That thing when you're on a tear opening issues in a repo and it feels super productive, but then you look at the list of work you've *actually put into words* and are like, oh no

Okay, here's an idea you can have for free:

A new social sharing site, but you get karma for typing up a comment, then deleting what you typed and NOT submitting anything.

Yesterday, v1.0 of the WriteFreely app for iOS launched on the App Store — I wrote a bit about my experience building it in here, as well as what's next:


Today we're excited to launch our very first #WriteFreely mobile app, for iOS! Read about it in our latest @writefreely blog post: blog.writefreely.org/writefree

After a long summer of work, our #WriteFreely iOS app is dropping today! Keep an eye out for our announcement soon.

This week we announced that @snap_as is getting ready to leave its "alpha" status: we.snap.as/leaving-alpha

Initially we thought this would involve some downtime for everyone. But instead of that, we'll probably let everyone simply migrate whenever they're ready.

That means everything on the "old" Snap.as will remain live, but to upload or modify anything, you'll first need to kick off a migration for your account.

I’m currently watching an episode of Twin Peaks and WOW I’d forgotten how weird this show was

It's live! Beta 2 for the WriteFreely iOS app should be available for you all on TestFlight now. Find out more about what's new here: write.as/angelo/writefreely-fo

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Coming soon to a WriteFreely TestFlight beta near you — publish local posts to a collection, and move posts between collections!

Sign up to test the app here: writefreely.org/apps/ios/beta

Working on a UI for publishing a draft local post to one of your WriteFreely blogs, and I'm liking this nested-menu paradigm. We were initially talking about presenting an action sheet after tapping "Publish…", but I think this is a better flow.

That thing when you can’t type in Xcode anymore so you close and reopen your project, quit and restart Xcode, shutdown and reboot your Mac… and then realize you were trying to make changes to a remote Swift Package.

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