Talking it out on the NetNewsWire Slack group, I found out that depending on what ToolbarItemPlacement case you choose, SwiftUI will figure out the appropriate View type — and apparently .bottomBar defaults to Button. Stuffing it into a HStack fixed the issue!

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Okay, SwiftUI question for you iOS devs: is there any reason why I shouldn’t expect that adding a Text view as a ToolbarItem would give me text in the toolbar?

Instead, ToolbarItem seems to turn whatever content I give it into a Button.

All this time I’ve figured that you just can’t use SwiftUI PreviewProviders if your view takes a Binding — but I’m glad to find out I’m wrong! You can pass a Binding.constant value into your PreviewProvider.

That thing where you open an Xcode project and you’re like, “OMG where’s all my work from last week?” and then you remember that you switched from your feature branch to main at the end of the day on Friday.


I really wanted to learn how to code, but when I got a new pair of glasses I could suddenly C#


Ugh, my tabs keep crashing in Firefox on Big Sur β4. 😓

I haven’t dug into the crash reports, maybe it’s an extension?

Finally installing the Big Sur developer beta, on my main / only Mac.

Fingers crossed that it’s uneventful and boring. 🤞😬

When I’m stuck on some code problem, and don’t have anyone to pair/rubberduck with, writing down everything I know about how it works, what I expect it to be doing, and why I don’t think it’s working right is a huge help.

Writing, I tell ya. Such a powerful tool.

For the record, “workin’ 9 to 5” was a thing we used to do before email and instant messaging turned your jobby-job into a never-ending meeting with no agenda that takes time away from your side hustle and your personal-branding work

I’ve had Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” stuck in my head since I woke up this morning and tbh, it’s a very good thing

SwiftUI Previews: How to fix 'Cannot convert value of type SomeType to expected argument type EnvironmentObject' errors:

Xcode’s “Refactor>Rename”, the first time you try it: kinda neat to see it slowly fold up the editor to show all instances of a symbol, let you rename them, and then slowly unfold to implement your changes.

Xcode’s “Refactor>Rename”, the 10th time you use it: HURRY UPPPPPPP 😑

We're working on an open source WriteFreely app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

Read more about our latest project on the forum:

#WriteFreely #opensource #FOSS

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