My favorite part of working from home is that I can listen to loud music while I program.

What's yours?

I do not work from home. But I do enjoy listening to loud music and programming or writing.

I do programming at home as a hobby. I often use headphones as well while listening to music.

@andrioid here are some of parts:
- drinking coffee as much as I want without paying to baristas
- all the hardware works as expected at home :)
- I am ALONE and nobody will ever come to me to ask some stupid thing he could look up at the docs
- take break whenever I want, guilt-free
- take laptop and get working anywhere

The issue is that all of them are favorite. Too sad I can't work from home more than one time per week :/

@andrioid After no commute, the most important benefit is working lying down on the sofa bed wearing pyjama bottoms.

@andrioid I mean, I don't have to moderate my behaviour to accommodate other people. I guess that's the same underlying benefit as you mentioned 🙂

@andrioid playing guitar when I need to step away from the keyboard for a few minutes.

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