When doing code-reviews some feelings are bound to get hurt and some pride will get bruised.

Just remember that the point isn't to correct "wrong code". It's to open a dialog about why we did things the way we did. This gives us a common understanding and helps share ownership.

@andrioid I don't think feelings need to get hurt, if communication is correct.

If you're working on something and you're across how it should be implemented (and potential gotchas) then you should be okay.

In general, I think comments should be around big picture rather than nit picks (a linter should pick those up!)

And from a personal standpoint, I always try to review PRs with this thought in mind: just because it's not how you would have written it, doesn't make it wrong!

@hugo I agree! But it helps to prepare mentally for them. Even if the reviewer is empathic, doesn’t nitpick and so forth

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