Let's Encrypt is the best thing to happen to the Internet since Wikipedia was founded. Not only for giving us free certificates, but also for developing a protocol to handle certificate renewals.

Thank you! ❤️
Let’s Encrypt is now directly trusted by all major root programs: letsencrypt.org/2018/08/06/tru

@andrioid When free and paid services exist in the same market, paid services can only survive by providing a higher level of service and/or better convenience.

Paid CA services, I have some *really* bad news for you.

@shatteredgears Traditional CA's are essentially bureaucracy-as-a-service. At best, they check the owner and provide some assurances. At worst, they're only there so your browser doesn't complain.

Good riddance...

@andrioid Way back when Thawte still existed, some of the CA's really did do extensive checks before issuing certs. I remember having to get D&B numbers, waiting for phone calls to verify, etc. Granted, you *paid* for that, those certs were expensive.

But then the CAs figured out that the customers and end-users really didn't care. Since then it's just been automated systems charging hand-processing fees.

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