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I think the world would be a much nicer place if we stop putting people into boxes.

Every day I read about something that one person did, following an attack on a group of people that maybe had one thing in common with the other person.

Please stop generalizing so much. ☮️

Listening to soundtracks from Marvel and Transformers makes me feel like I'm saving the world;

One line of code at a time. 🤓

Do you have a home-server? What do you run on it?

Good morning Internet friends. Can you help me? I'm looking for a customer-service/project portal that integrates nicely with Github issues

Bonus points for:
- Project planning features
- Estimates (on issues)
- Email, VoIP, Chat integrations

It's OK to disagree on the Internet.

Step 1) Decide for yourself if your input will contribute to the conversation
Step 2) Reply in the context where the conversation takes place. Keep it civil.

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to harass people that you disagree with in private.
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I shut off my DM's because my very innocuous tailwind opinions summoned *all* the men.

And someone actually emailed me.

I cannot stress th…

I have been receiving almost non-stop auto-calls on my mobile for the last few weeks. Different number almost every time.

Does anyone know how look up carriers and report abuse?

If you’re doing React Native development. Then try Flipper for the React Devtools. Then stay for profiling, network debugger and database debugger.

Truly a great tool that will save you a bunch of time.
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Flipper just got a fresh look! 🐬

Download Flipper 0.72 and let us know what you think😊

If you ever send me a CV via LinkedIn and didn't get the job, then I blame LinkedIn's CV viewer.

Option A) Tiny thumbnail of a PDF
Option B) Fullscreen


You can subscribe to socks and underwear online.

Can I also get premium pizza dough delivered to my door every week? I'd get fat... but it would totally be worth it.


Here's a crazy idea for social networks. Flag comments for ppl that didn't click the link before commenting with "Did not read" and deprioritize them.

My programming language journey

Amstrad BASIC
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let my_learning_path = {
"0": "html",
"1": "css, flex",
"2": "javascript",
"3": "react",
"4": "node.js",
"5": "express",
"6": "mysql, mongo",
"7": "python",
"8": "crud api",
"9": "dev ops @ my last job",
"🏆": "full stack developer",

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In December 2019 I quit a very nice job because I was lonely and frustrated from working remotely.

I barely got strated on 2020 when COVID-19 hit and we mostly work remotely again.

I will say that we're getting better at remote work and it helps that everyone is doing it.

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What should be your job title? Wrong answers only!

If you're looking to learn new technologies in 2021, I recommend:

1. JavaScript (and TypeScript if you know JS)
2. React and React Native (if you want mobile)
3. Go
4. Rust
5. GraphQL or OpenAPI (schemas rule!)
6. Tailwind CSS

I might try my hands at Rust
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My advice:

1. JavaScript
2. PHP
3. Go
4. Rust
5. Python
6. C

I find it helpful to remember that every person I meet, knows something that I do not. I absolutely love seeing people light up when they talk about something that they are passionate about.

What's your passion?

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