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I think the world would be a much nicer place if we stop putting people into boxes.

Every day I read about something that one person did, following an attack on a group of people that maybe had one thing in common with the other person.

Please stop generalizing so much. ☮️

Merge conflicts are the worst. Especially when someone made a boo-boo that has nothing to do with your changes, but prevents you from merging.

Any awesome Git tips to deal with this in a better way?

My experience with cloud-run has mostly been: “This can’t be this easy”

But be aware of the response limit if you’re piping large chunks of data.
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🏃‍♀️☁️ Cloud Run is now GA! ☁️🏃‍♂️

Spend more time focusing on building great apps and less on managing infrastructure. Get hands-on experience with @GCPcloud’s products in this Cloud Run @qwiklabs quest!

Check it out → https://google…

Since GDPR, I've become pretty good at reading articles by reading through the dark-layer of modal windows.

No, I will not accept to your terms. But I'll skim this article anyway. ☺️

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@andrioid For me the main difference from the non-senior developer is the responsibility for the product you are making. That means you need to make good long-term technical decisions (and veto bad ones), go talking to whoever is necessary to make things work, keep the stakeholders informed about the situations and eventual risks, and cooperate with your management about the non-technical problems. That includes a lot of what you have listed, but is not limited to it.

4. Improve developer-experience
5. Ship it, own it, fix it.

I'm sure there are more, but this is on top of my head.

Mine as a dev:
1. Be available to your co-workers and be ready to teach if they ask.
2. Speak up if quality or other business constraints are not going as planned.
3. Introduce good practices to your team. E.g. Testing, Pair programming, code-review, etc

What does "Senior Developer" mean to you?

If you reply, please state your role and your definition.

What site do Stackoverflow engineers use when computer says no?
What a day

Twitter auto-refresh on focus in an anti-feature if I ever saw one.

Was feeling the pain of mutating an array in React when someone suggested Immer to me.

What a wonderful little library it is.

When using an array as a dependency on useEffect, is there any way of knowing which indexes were changed?

Anyone from the Community that can answer this?

One of the great thing about React hooks is how dependencies are expressed in an explicit way.

That way it's much easier to understand what side-effects there are and how they work.

♥️♥️♥️ to the team

I had a lot of fun at Startup Weekend Aalborg. We had a great team and I’m thankful for the experience and the awesome people I met this weekend.

Sure, sex is great...

But that feeling when you submit a Pull-Request with more deleted lines than added lines.

You'd never hire a carpenter to work on your house based on his experience with the various power tools or materials? You'd expect a professional to use the best suited ones for the job.

Then why is it that IT people are so focused on tools and languages?

I've tried learning an instrument so many times, but my computer keyboard keeps distracting me. Maybe this could work?
Link to the project is its open source so have a look at it!
Presentation is also online:

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