Introducing nano backends!
Or as we used to call them; cgi-bin 😊

There is a wealth of information about how you do "client only" rendering in Gatsby. But, how do I do "server only" rendering?

I'd like to build a PDF file during the build process.

Do you develop solutions? Then you're a developer.

I don't care if you're using assembly, JS or a roll of duct-tape to make it happen.

Do you write HTML? You’re a developer.

JavaScript? You’re a developer.

Python? You guessed it, you’re a developer.

Let’s stop gatekeeping and make this an inclusive and safe place to learn ❤️

Any TypeScript people out there that can tell me why my component names in React don't show up in React Developer Tools in Chrome?

Is there some default minification going on I can't seem to Google myself to?

We need microdevelopers for all the microservices and microfrontends. 😂

Extra benefits: Fit even more developers onto an open office plan.

I got the opportunity to evaluate react-pdf (custom renderer) for work and I haven't been this excited about print-layouts since my LaTeX days 🤓

The project has come a long way since I noticed it first.

I'm feeling like 🧟‍♂️today and no amount of ☕️ seems to fix it. Let's not deploy to production today 😬

And before you're all like "There's already a light there"; it's almost always software controlled and nothing preventing the light to be off while the camera is on.

Here's a thought. Let's require all cameras and microphones to have a hardware LED light attached to it.

It's so weird that "covering up your camera" is accepted security procedure these days.

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Any employees around? In what order are the playlists I subscribe to sorted?

To me it seems completely random and it's hard to distinguish my own playlists from others.

Pictures from a mechnical-keyboard meetup in Tokyo.

Watching this makes me really want to build my own. Then I take a look at my garage and realise that I'd never finish it.

By no means is this a carrier change. I just want to know enough to get started until someone more qualified can take over.

Got any advise for a developer wanting to learn the essentials of sales?

As someone with endless amounts of side-projects, I am realising the importance of being able to sell ideas before starting coding them.

I really wish that someone at Codeweavers would port Toybox Turbos to PS4 or Linux.

I also wish I could get a refund for the newish Micromachines game. It’s just not fun at all.

The Danish Constitution Day is a very weird semi-holiday where everything is closed, but not everyone is off work.

I have to work, but our canteen is closed and so are most of the pizza places 🍕😭

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