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I think the world would be a much nicer place if we stop putting people into boxes.

Every day I read about something that one person did, following an attack on a group of people that maybe had one thing in common with the other person.

Please stop generalizing so much. ☮️

If you were teaching programming to someone who hasn't done any, how would you do it, and in what language?

I'm still in awe of the GraphQL extension for Postgres from Supabase, so I'm psyched for 5! via @supabase

Having a blast with my DALL-E account. Octocat takes on the world!

A sign of a well executed vacation, is that you forgot the password to your work computer while away.

Did you have a good summer vacation?

"It's DNS" is a common statement from tech folks.

I'm curious. Was it really DNS, what was the problem? How so?

In my experience, DNS performs admirably. Especially considering it's one of the older protocols.

At first glance, you'd think this is me, on the slides. But, it's a chicken created by Dall-E.
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"Is this a good abstraction?" is something we should be asking us all the time.

It starts with the best intentions, but often we have abstractions in our code or stack, that make things more complicated with little to no gain.

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ok genuine question for anti-javascript ppl is the idea that web content should be static or that there's some alternative to doing stuff like buttons and animations and stuff that would have been better? !/

After playing around with the Steam Deck, I'm considering installing Linux on my desktop PC again.

What is your favorite Linux distribution and why?

I'd rather not spend a lot of time tweaking it and was happy with Elementary OS

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how to survive hot summers 

with temps surpassing 40º in the UK and my European friends woefully unprepared to deal with hotter and hotter summers, I thought I'd share how we do it back home.

- Change your wardrobe. Don't wear jeans or thick, tight clothing in summer. Light colours help, but it's less important than the fabric being loose and breathable. Imagine you get a gust of wind; can you feel the wind? Linen fabric and synthetic activewear are great for this.

- Cover all your skin when going out into the sun, either with loose breathable clothing, or sunscreen.

- "But I'm only going to the tram" – if you don't like dying of melanoma, sunscreen yourself before walking under the radiation of the nuclear deathstar in the sky.

- Wear a summer hat and/or sunglasses.

- Always be sipping. Doesn't matter if you feel thirsty or not, carry water bottles everywhere, fill them on taps, sip often. If you don't the symptom isn't necessarily thirst; it's feeling tired, sluggish, brainfog etc., eventually sunstroke.

- Learn how to make hydrating serum (1L water, 20g sugar, 5g salt). In case someone has sunstroke give them serum; it hits faster than pure water. (also good for other forms of dehydration.)

- Tea and coffe hydrate you, even accounting for diuretic effect. Alcohol dehydrates; if drinking alcohol, drink at least the same amount of water with it.

- Give up not sweating. Sweating is good. It's a very efficient evaporative cooling system (that's why you need breathable clothing, and sipping water).

- Cold meals, refrigerated fruit and ice drinks are great. Counter-intuitively, hot drinks cool you down too, by hyping up the sweat system. Same goes for hot-spicy food. (this literally cools you down, look it up.)

- Don't go outside when the sun is high. Don't eat in outside tables when the sun is high. Don't go to parks, pools or beaches when the sun is high. Wait until the deathstar isn't killing you.

- Lower your expectations of productivity. It's the apocalypse, fuck work. Procrastinate in the hot hours. Kill time. Nap. Implement the siesta as an institution.

- The buildings here are more prepared for cold weather than hot. You might want to invest in good fans, or even cold floors. High ceilings are fresher.

- The higher the air humidity %, the less effective is sweating at cooling you. Be extra careful on high-humidity high-temp days.

- summer nights can be surprisingly chilly. don't get caught unprepared in your super-breathable, breezy hot girl look during a temp drop with rain and wind outside 3am.

If you love computers, but aren't sure how to get there, I'd be happy to chat, check out your GitHub profile, read your CV or whatever.

DMs are open.

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I found my interest in computers very early on, but finding a job, doing something you love wasn't easy without education or experience.

Fortunately someone took a chance on me, and I started my first IT job at age 18 and been doing it ever since.

The only downside so far is that with workspaces, it seems that running "pnpm install" from root produces different results, than running it from the package dir.

Yarn didn't care where I ran the install command from. It always produced the same results.

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I've been playing around with pnpm (instead of yarn/npm).

- Speed is very impressive, especially between projects (since pnpm stores the packages globally)
- Workspace references are great for internal packages (no risk of hitting npm reg)


A programmer takes a pill to escape his boring life
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Three men spend the weekend fishing.

Picked up my pet project again. Seems that Twitter has suspended the project account before I had a chance to use it. 😩

Nothing is ever easy. Stay tuned for @eventpuffin though.

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