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Hi! Iโ€™m Andri.

I write about , , , , , , and occasionally I go on a random rant.

During the day, I work as a Tech Lead at PARKPARK. Opinions are my own.

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@andrioid My dad needed help learning Python, and from there I REALLY took off.

I used to sleep with the Python book we studied from under my pillow and have recently found it again.

As for what other languages I picked up, there's:

* Java (yuck!) from GeoNetwork and university
* JavaScript, general interest
* C from Samba
* Ruby from Logstash
* Vala from elementary's projects
* Haskell & Prologue from University
* Chose Rust for my Memex & Brix projects
* etc

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My mom got a C64 when I was 2 because she had been tasked to teach programming, but when she did it at uni it was banana plugs and lots of math and fortran was still spelled with all caps, so she had to catch up - with me on her knee. I don't remember not knowing at least rudimentary programming. Her dad was an inventor and designed industrial robotics control circuits, so I guess I'm 3rd gen. That will make my daughter a 4th gen. coder soon.

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Got fascinated by the 8-bit micros new in stores (I would have been around 12 then), saved my money and bought a Sinclair ZX81. The manual had a BASIC programming tutorial which I read through. Programmed obsessively for a while trying to make my own games.

Kept at it from then on.

(My parents were kind of perplexed at this but figured that at least I was learning to save money. I donโ€™t know if they grasped the significance of it.)

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@andrioid When I was 6, my dad had picked up a copy of K&R's The C Programming Language. After playing for a while, he asked if me and my brother (5) wanted to try it out. We said yes. An hour later, my brother was bored but I was having fun.

The next day, I woke up at 5 am and booted it back up to make changes to a little ANSI program to write out our names. I had memorized enough commands to compile, run, and edit.

When he found out, it was the first and last time I've ever seen him smile.

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@andrioid My dad taught me!

My first programming language was probably LOGO, but I didn't really "get" it until he started teaching me Turbo Pascal.

I wrote games, taught myself x86 assembly. I'd visit friends to play computer games and then go home and try to recreate them myself.

Got my first summer job writing accounting programs in C around 16 years old - the job came with Internet access: IRC, the web, Perl, Linux.

That led to an ISP job and I've been doing both code and admin since.

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@andrioid I never decided to learn how to program, it was just a side-effect of wanting to do something else, like make a Game Boy game or a website. On the way I learned C/C++, Python, JS/HTML/CSS, Haskell, Rust, and some assembly languages. I didn't really know how to program "for real" until well into my 20s. I'd dabbled with some things on the Amiga, trying to make adventure games, but I was more interested in making game art in Deluxe Paint, and my older sibling did most of the programming.

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@andrioid I left that school and my next taught me C++ and Java.

While at the first college, I fell in love with this new thing called the WWW. I wrote JavaScript when that first beta of Netscape 2 came out.

I couldn't find work in the tail end of the dotcom days so I ended up working in PickBASIC on an antiquated, pre-SQL database originally designed for the IBM 360 in it's heyday. I couldn't escape Pick because it's all I had experience in, so u dropped $1000 of my own money for Java certification. That got me a job with a startup maintaining their PHP site and working on it's Java replacement.

After that company ran out of funds, I ended up in the PHP CMS world working in PHP & JavaScript. I use Typescript on my personal projects. I've dabbled in Haskell and Scala. I write bash scripts.

And now I'm a manager so I spend more time in Google Docs than a code editor.

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@andrioid The computer lab at my school had BASIC installed, so I used to mess around with stuff on there. This was early 90's timeframe. I started taking computer science classes and took the AP test, which was Pascal at the time.

In college I picked up C++, which I've used ever since. A few years ago I started doing some web development so I've also been using TypeScript and JavaScript. TypeScript is awesome!

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@andrioid my dad was Delphi developer and I made him crazy to show me how to program. He gave me a book on Turbo Pascal and showed turbo pascal editor. Then I accidentally found Delphi installer and tried it out. Then I learnt C++, moved to Android Java, then Python and now I am in process of learning Scala

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@andrioid I copied VBA macros from Tim Anderson's tutorial pages in Personal Computer World magazine when I was 15.

I was then formally taught VB.NET 2005 for two years. I also bought a big book called "Sams learn to program C++ in 24 hours" with money I earned waiting tables and cleaning classrooms, then worked through it. I did the same with a book about AJAX Web development.

I learned C# and Java at university, and discovered Python after I graduated in 2013.

Junior devs: Don't let shame prevent you from putting your code out there. Most production-code isn't that good anyway. It's less about perfection than it is about readability and function. We're all learning from our mistakes, every day.

But even after that I wasn't sure that I wanted to do this professionally. I doubted that my code was good enough. Doing my internship in Iceland and my friend pushing me to help him build his Stock Photo site really helped me gain my confidence.

I moved to Denmark in 2006 to study and decided to use the time to learn as many programming languages as possible. After graduating in 2012 I had done projects in C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python and Java.

Then came recession in Iceland and I lost my job. I took some freelancing work and the client hired me, didn't pay me and then sold my work without giving me a dime for it. That devastated my motivation for programming and I spent the following years doing Linux sysadmin instead.

Then came the web and I started making web-pages in frontpage. That got me hooked. Then came CGI-BIN scripts and PHP (v3). The web gave purpose to my programming and I haven't stopped since.

I ran out of computer games on my Amstrad CPC when I was 8 and started typing in the games from the owner's manual. Later I learned Turbo Pascal and Delphi in school, but it felt sort of useless to me.

How did you get into programming and what languages have you learned on the way?

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#TheFediverse is the name for a group of federated sites that use the #ActivityPub technical standard to talk to each other (including #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #PeerTube, #FunkWhale, #WriteFreely and many others).

#TheFederation means sites that use the Diaspora standard to talk to each other (most notably #Diaspora itself).

Some sites belong to both, and the definitions have shifted over time as new standards have been adopted. As the phrase goes, your mileage may vary.


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