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I think the world would be a much nicer place if we stop putting people into boxes.

Every day I read about something that one person did, following an attack on a group of people that maybe had one thing in common with the other person.

Please stop generalizing so much. ☮️

As much as I like Github Actions. I find it hard to seperate "official/trustworthy" actions from the rest.

Many of the actions on the marketplace are doing so simple things, that would be cleaner to just add yourself in a "run" statement.

Watching my Terraform powered Github Action flow for an unfinished side-project, I thought to myself: "Is this overengineering?"

Of course not! 😎

Some scary footage from our friends in America.

Be safe out there.
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National Guard marches through a quiet residential neighborhood in , screaming at citizens to get inside.

Soldiers stop to point their guns at residents on their balcony.

They yell “LIGHT THEM UP” as they fire riot control rounds at them.

I'm disappointed with Azure Container Instances, when compared to GCP Cloud Run:

- No TLS or load-balancer
- ENV vars not configurable from web-console
- No auto-scaling (or scaling of any kind!)
- You pay, even when nobody is using it

You can do better @Azure

I was thinking about how a general intelligence might work when I thought of this.

Then as we sleep, our brain is probably generating new projections.

AI people, is this a viable approach? Is someone doing this?

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Shower thought: Our brain is event-sourced and short-term-memory is just read-models. Then, over time our event-log degrades and our projections become more and more inaccurate.

Special thanks to @RozenMD for reporting the bug to me.

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Back in September 2019, I created "gatsby-social-plugin-cards" for generating social-previews for my site. It used to live under my site. I never noticed that it was broken on npm.

It's now has its' own home: and a new release.

Don't be evil
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*Stock near all-time high
*$6.8B profit this year
*Page + Brin added $5.7B to fortunes this year
*Just offered jobs to over 2,000 people and axed them with no severance before they ever worked a day - after they already left their prior jobs

Calling all yarn-workspace users out there. Is there any way of doing a scoped install?

I'm doing build-scripts and I wish that it didn't have to fetch all dependencies if I'm just deploying one aspect of the monorepo.

Especially with solutions like Next.js, Gatsby and other static(ish) tools, there is a dire need to simplify hosting and the big cloud-players come up short.

Props to Netlify and Now for making this easy.

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I've heard that "web development" has become more hard in recent years. I didn't relate to it until today where I had a static (plain HTML) site that I wanted to deploy on Azure.

Did you mean: "Static web hosting", "Web App", "Blob storage"? I don't know, but I want rewrites.

Sometimes I feel like i need a second monitor for the sole purpose of storing a list of all my open browser tabs.

TLDR; Spaces and "=" in ENV vars cause issues with many parsers

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I wish settings env-vars for cloud-services was less of a pain in the a**.

I've spent way too much time trying to get a PG_DSN string to work on Azure Container Instances.

I had the same painful experience when I tried doing this with cloud-run at GCP the last time.

Some old-school sysadmins dislike "the cloud". I for one, do not miss assembling hardware, installing operating systems, managing cooling and dealing with hardware- or network failures.

I just think our time is better spent doing other things.

I've been playing around with Azure Cloud for basics like Postgres and Blob storage using Terraform.

I must say that their web-interface is way better than GCP or AWS. I wish there was a standard naming convention between providers though.

Not bad Microsoft, not bad.

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