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Hi! I’m Andri.

I write about , , , , , , and occasionally I go on a random rant.

During the day, I work as a Tech Lead at PARKPARK. Opinions are my own.

When I was starting out in PHP3, I really enjoyed how forgiving the language was. You would just throw random stuff at it, and it would mostly just work.

These days, I really miss strict types and loud yelling when I do mistakes.

I think my least favourite thing is that things can fail in creative ways in PHP. Like if you mistype a function name or a namespace, then it's not really a critical error and might accidentally work. 🤦‍♂️

I've spent a year with Go and JS (with Prettier) as my primary languages. This week, I'm doing some PHP after a while. First impression...

Maybe I'm just saying that security in software is relatively hard to do, yet we keep adding more and more software into all things.

Even your memory stick has a microcontroller inside and with IoT i fear that we are entering very dark times in terms of network security.

And for anyone to take a hard look at these priorities, we need to value what the consequences are for failing each one. Failing speed or cost your product may never reach market. Failing UX or design and you might not reach any users.

What happens if security fails?

If you look at a typical software project, the priorities may be:
1. Speed of development
2. Cost
3. User Experience
4. Design
X. Security

There needs to be some corporate liability for security instead of blaming "the bad wizards". Sure, there are some AWESOME security researchers out there. But honestly, many companies are so vulnerable that it only takes minimal effort.

Few examples:
- The Intel platform is vulnerable, but yet they keep churning out processors in the hope that the OS will just handle it for them.
- Our private information is being leaked every day and the consequences for leaking millions of users data? None.

Some may think this "cyber war" the media storms about is because we have western-wizards, russian-wizards and chinese-wizards battling on the Internet.

Root of the problem is that nobody takes security seriously. So the barrier isn't that high.

Do I know anyone using geofencing in a React Native app? I'd like to pick your brain a bit.

A college recommend this game, Factorio to me.

It looks innocent enough: "You've landed in a foreign place and you need to mine stuff to get your rocket up."

So hours later, I forgot to put my son to bed and have been dreaming of conveyor belts ever since. Dangerous game. 🤟

Facebook is the new phonebook.
✔️ Filled with ads
✔️ Has people in it that you'll probably never contact
✔️ Can be used to stalk people
✔️ People used to insist on everyone should be "in the book"

The banter has nothing to do with my gender, it's just entertaining.

I'm not sure about the banter, but on all other accounts I wholeheartedly agree.
Things you can do and still be a man:

- hold a baby
- look after a baby
- wash up
- cry
- have actual human feelings
- care about people
- support the rights of women
- go a whole day without banter
- ask for help

It’s almost like your gender doesn’t have to be a prison.

It also means that I can't post things in Danish or Icelandic to the people who understand those language... That isn't a huge loss, since I almost exclusively use Twitter for tech/ranting in English.

Mastodon isn't a multi-billion dollar company, but it has language filters.

How does not have language filters yet? It really sucks that I have to unfollow people that occasionally post something in their mother tongue.

While I love both backend and frontend work, being "full-stack" isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I struggle sometimes to keep a clear mental model of the solution I'm building.

Guess it's time for some diagrams to clear my head...

At a job, you have the option of refactoring it into something maintainable, or quitting. With friends and family, neither one of those options are not feasible.

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