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Hi! I’m Andri.

I write about , , , , , , and occasionally I go on a random rant.

During the day, I work as a Tech Lead at PARKPARK. Opinions are my own.

YouTube is quicly approaching LinkedIn in terms of spammyness.

No, I don’t want YT premium. Not even if you paid me!

Haha, now is just trolling me! Trying to watch Go concurrency patterns to distract me from your broken streaming service

Still down. Now also forgot that my login session exists.

“Who could have forseen the increased traffic?” 🙄

Parts of me now want to create a cluster in the garage with redundant power supplies and storage. Parts me of just want shit to work.

How quickly I got used to that my professional hosting environment didn't have any hardware for me to manage. This morning my NAS disk died. 😪

Mostly redundant stuff, but now I need to replace it.

I remember that in 3rd grade, we did an experiment were we were to name 3 positive and 3 negative things about a person.

The negative things were so easy.

Try to say something positive about a person today.

I seriously don't get all the hate about the first image of a black hole.

- It's the first one of it's kind!
- Every single person on that team made that happen
- Wow

Whatever jealousy, insecurity or general grumpyness you might have. There is absolutely no reason to ruin this

Dropbox just emailed me to tell me that I have too many devices connected. 36 of the 3 allowed to be specific.

Way to ease people in 😜

People laughed when the KDE browser was called Konqueror. From it came KHTML then WebKit and then Chrome and Safari.

Good name!

Ironic that the most popular questions I've posted on Stackoverflow are closed as "Non constructive" or "Off topic". The number of upvotes seem to disagree.

SO is still a better Google destination than ExpertsExchange, but I find the community rather elitist.

8 reasons to turn down the transmit power of your Wi-Fi via

Hard to concentrate while they operate heavy machinery outside my window. 🚧🏗️

But for everything else, there's Twitter!

When I'm not programming, I dream of the perfect pizza. ❤️🍕

Ok, I lied. Also when I'm programming.

Ever worked with git and thought to yourself: "Oh shit!"?

Well, there's a page for that:

PSA: Don't plug random USB sticks or devices in your computer. Just in case that wasn't obvious by now.

IT marketers, please stop using "magic" when promoting solutions. It makes me stomach uneasy and I start to question the whole thing.

Automatically = Good
Automagically = 🤦‍♂️
By magic = 🤦‍♂️

To begin with, copying the font settings from Chrome made things more familiar to me.

Anyone recently switched from Chrome to Firefox?

What tweaks, addons and settings did you use to make it less of an awkward switch?

How many notifications do you receive on your phone during a typical day?

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