Since this did such numbers on birdsite:

Five or so years ago I was working on the BBC's developer portal at and I was asked to replace the terrible fake code on the laptop screen in the stock photo. As an easter egg, if you click on the laptop screen then you can change it too.

@mibzman @andrewt

"Fibonacci Numbers with Caramel Sauce." LOL nice recipe!

@mibzman @andrewt

You may want to also try:


@mmu_man @mibzman Oh, that would be a fun one. IIRC though, the banner isn't on most of the screens where stuff actually happens so I doubt it'd accomplish much.

@andrewt best easter egg I've seen in quite a while

@andrewt wait it also changes when you reload the page?!
Awesome d:

@andrewt nice! Next step is to replace it with a BBC Micro and let the code people write run on the page.

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