I have made a version of Minesweeper where if you're forced to guess you'll always be safe — but if you guess when you didn't have to you'll always hit a mine.

@andrewt I'm clickin gon "Start" but nothing is happening.

Have I got something wrong? Both Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu.

@ColinTheMathmo the game should be running already, you only need to click that if you change the settings or want to restart

@andrewt It's obviously working for other people, but I don't have a board appearing. There's obviously something off about my setup, but I have vanilla Firefox on vanilla Ubuntu 14.04.

Do you want to fix this? If so, how can I help?

@ColinTheMathmo that's wierd, I tested it almost exclusively in Firefox, although I don't currently have an Ubuntu install to test against. Can you open the developer tools and refresh the page, see if there's an error message in the console? "Not working at all" is usually something simple. 🙂


SyntaxError: expected expression, got '.'[Learn More] grid.js:72:28

@ColinTheMathmo Ah. That's some optional chaining... it's a pretty recent Javascript feature so it might be breaking things, but I've used a few recent features so if I remove it one of the others will probably break. Any idea how recent your Firefox version is?

@andrewt But as a user, if you know that if you're forced to guess you're always safe, then technically you're never forced to guess, because you always know that what would indicate ambiguity in another version indicates that all options are safe in this one.

@andrewt Neat! It can still sometimes get bogged down a little, and there's still some strategy to it beyond merely deducing everything you can and recognizing when you can't — if you can't deduce then you have a free choice and can use that choice to make the remaining puzzle easier or harder.

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