I've been playing around with a Pico-8, trying to get it to do 3D. It's been going pretty well.

This is about 200 lines of code, and 25% of the Pico's pretend CPU cycles.


(If you've not used it, the Pico-8 is an emulator for a console that never existed. It has a 128x128 resolution, 16 colours, and a strictly limited number of operations per frame to simulate a ~SNES-era CPU.)

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Anyway this whole thing has got medium out-of-hand and now I have forcefields that open on timed switches.

Plus: half-height walls! They do exactly the same thing as normal walls but you almost can't have a game without them because how else are you supposed to say to the player "look, here's a thing, no you can't have it"?

what is "zero"? what purpose does it serve? mathematicians have speculated but nobody is sure

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