unionizing tech 

if you unionize at work, they fire you.
if your whole team unionizes, they liquidate the company.
so how do you unionize?

tech multiplies the power of labor,
which multiplies the power of the scab.
while the boss fires unionists,
only the bossless can unionize.

organize contractors!

re: unionizing tech 

standard contracts,
standard tools,
paid work,
with the hypothetical software guild 😛


re: unionizing tech 

@garbados I reckon some kind of 'guild' might be the best answer — if we throw in some minimum standards and ethics rules then there's a benefit for consumers and therefore bosses. You get to put a little badge on your box and charge $5 more and maybe people will get more suspicious of corporate adware that doesn't have it.

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re: unionizing tech 


> suspicious of corporate adware that doesn’t have it

this implies the guild would produce corporate adware, but... why would they?

re: unionizing tech 

@garbados @andrewt

I think it was intended as corp software is *all* adware, not that the guild would produce it? Guessing though.

re: unionizing tech 

@sydneyfalk @andrewt gotcha. sorry for the misunderstanding

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