@andrewt Hate. I hate hate HATE the touch bar!!! :)

Ah yeah, the paragraph sign is so important that there is no space for a proper ESC key on this keyboard. Priorities.

@hirschnase It's bizarre to me they've made a computer with a headphone jack, USBC and no escape key and a phone with no headphone jack, no USBC and literally only an escape key. I mean what you meant to pair them somehow?

Think of it this way, when you are working at (or using an) Apple, documents containing mostly paragraphs is probably THE most common thing you'll come across...


@andrewt @robert I don’t trust any way to quit vim that doesn’t involve at least four keystrokes. 😀


Is there any key sequence that can reliably quit vim without saving changes regardless of current mode?


(Not tested. Probably won't work with macro recording)

I've tried powering off and it does NOT work. When you go back into vim, you have to navigate a recovery dialog, quit vim again, and delete the recovery file 😂

@AceNovo I find powering off kills vim, but next time the computer boots straight into Zombie Vim, the editor for making walking skeleton apps you test in Headless Chrome

Vim, official text editor and supplier of WMD for the Skeleton War and the Zombie Apocalypse. We doesn't have wizards. We have necromancers

Also vim v. emacs is the reason that modern communism isn't hardass about religion anymore 😂

@AceNovo @andrewt smash ctrl-c a few times, then look at the instructions at the bottom of the screen:

Type :qa! and press <Enter> to abandon all changes and exit Vim

@andrewt I love the touchbar, especially when there is lemmings on it! 😂

@trayofbees That's like if I say "it hurts when I hit my head" suggesting I hit my toes instead.

many people will probably buy this laptop just for this shortcut.

Ok but is it a macro for q or q! or wq or wq! Or wq... Oh crap delete delete escape wq ?

@balloonpup it just pipes /dev/random into the tty until it detects vim isn't running

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