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Hello! I am @andrewt and I have registered this side account so I can kvetch about tech without boring everyone who cares not one jot about it.

QUIZ: Crossword Setter or JavaScript Dev Module?

• Bower
• Tramp
• Grunt
• Shed
• eXternal
• Hypnos
• Io
• Babel
• Sinon
• Qaos

Is it worth holding onto my LinkedIn account? Seriously thinking about deleting it but if it's realistically going to stick an extra £5k on my salary next time I switch jobs I might begrudgingly keep it around.

Any less than that and TBH it's not worth my time archiving all its emails.

Anyone know how realistic it would be for Gnome to implement macOS-style window tabs? I increasingly find "merge all windows" to be just impossibly useful but the rest of the OS is starting to annoy me so that'd be about the best of all worlds for me.

today my job seems to be to explain to my boss why spending two weeks adding fake pagination to a dynamodb table so that we can annoy our customers with a bunch of 'next page' buttons is perhaps not the best use of my time, but in such a way that i won't piss him off too much, and oh god it's a whole thing

sometimes i feel like the most important part of my job is to listen carefully in standups and occasionally say 'wait what no no no no no'

it isn't the ticket i'm supposed to be working on but i have very much spent the afternoon adding a stubbed s3 adapter and if anyone has a problem with that then they can fire me

christ, i went on holiday for a week and a half and when i get back someone's made a special s3 bucket for local testing so now you need live aws credentials to run the app on your local machine

seem to spend about half my working day clicking through every slack channel and group DM thread three times to find which one had a particular conversation in it

honest to god i'm staring at a 1907-line file named "functions.js"

Headcanon: Coldplay's Parachutes album is secretly about adding tests to a legacy Node project.

1. Don’t Panic (before you open the code)
2. Shiver (after you open the code)
3. Spies
4. Sparks
5. Yellow (like the JS logo)
6. Trouble
7. Parachutes (when it starts to get better)
8. High Speed (when it seems pretty good)
9. We Never Change (when it turns out no, that doesn't work)
10. Everything’s Not Lost (unless..?)
11. Life Is For Living (when, no, actually you just quit and do something else)

Someone posted a gif of this effect on birdsite and I wanted to understand it so I've built it as a space-warping raymarcher.

Its some lovely maths that I think I *mostly* understand now:

the UX you were trying to copy vs the UX you actually built

Quiz time!

Web architecture, or BBC copyright notice?

1. MVC

honestly can't remember why i made this but it's sometimes useful so here

for a company built on ux apple do seem very attached to the "just drag the app onto the folder, psych! the folder's over here now, haha no, it's moved back, come on just drag the icon over here HAHA NO over here now" design pattern

Things I wonder as someone whose cpu design knowledge would fit on an index card with room left over to take notes: how much of the increase in processor speed & power over the years has been tricks with things like out of off order operations and how much is just cranking the clock speed up? Computers I've used have gone from very low kilohertz clocks to low gigahertz. Seems like that alone would do a lot.

Wow, opting out of marketing cookies brings up a "processing" wait animation that takes a minute or so before you can continue. I strongly suspect this delay is contrived. How many people just hit cancel? The worst type of dark pattern.
"An Irish teenager @Forbes@twitter.comn $50,000 for his [Science Fair] project focusing on extracting micro-plastics from water." (Too bad these Scie…

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