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Hello! I am @andrewt and I have registered this side account so I can kvetch about tech without boring everyone who cares not one jot about it.

= (assignment)
== (loose equality check)
=== (i see you've played knifey spooney before)

getting weirdly annoyed at 'REfresh'. it's 'reFREsh'.

i don't know why i care.

we're trying to build an office 365 integration and the main problem currently is that nobody is quite sure what the difference between outlook in office 365, and outlook in office.

Looking forward to watching games streamed from Twitch streamed from someone's computer streamed from Google.

hey hey, i grabbed a copy of my google+ data before they shut it down

Programmers and lawmakers have one thing in common. They both create a system out of thin air and then hope that it will be used as intended

dev life:

"we need this feature"
"that's quite complex, how about we do it like this?"
"that's too complicated, do this simpler thing"
"i guess that might work"
"there's a problem, we need to build this more complicated solution"
"ah, you mean the thing i said in the first place?"
later: repeat from top


//YOLO as a version of //TODO that you never actually intend to do.

Honestly I use //TODO this way all the time β€”Β usually for stuff that I know should be done so I've left a place in the code for them to be done but I know realistically probably won't ever happen and that's fine too as long as it's been considered and documented.

Proudly written in PHP, Pixelfed has embraced a UI driven development approach.

Users don't care if :pixelfed: is using the latest or coolest framework or fancy tech, they care about the experience and what they see or feel.

I'd love to see more "uncool" projects in the fediverse.

@tcit They call it "Medium" because the articles are neither rare nor well done.

sorry, very text heavy image so can't really make it accessible but the image shows an alignment chart of nine working but increasingly cursed solutions to the same javascript problem

people talk like code can't show opinions or emotions but this is a real decision i just had to make

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