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Hello! I am @andrewt and I have registered this side account so I can kvetch about tech without boring everyone who cares not one jot about it.

passive-aggressively approving everyone else's merge requests in the hope they'll realise mine has been sitting there for days

what if pianos were weird???

i mean, they so are, but like what if they really went to town with it? build a batshit piano and play cursed music on it!

this is what happens when i start writing code at midnight

I feel like this logo is supposed to be a microphone but I mean—

I have made a version of Minesweeper where if you're forced to guess you'll always be safe — but if you guess when you didn't have to you'll always hit a mine.

just had a kickoff meeting for ticket PS-69 at 4:20 PM so my day's going well

Honestly, I have an ex-employer who if they did this would fold within about— who am I kidding, they'd do better because all their money comes from selling a decade-old PHP app that none of use ever agreed to touch.

another successful application of basic arithmetic, this is why we make the big bucks

found out today that all our date strings follow the ISO 8601 date spec, but our docs say ISO 9801, which is the "requirements for mounted ophthalmic… reduced aperture trial case lenses"

what is "zero"? what purpose does it serve? mathematicians have speculated but nobody is sure

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Plus: half-height walls! They do exactly the same thing as normal walls but you almost can't have a game without them because how else are you supposed to say to the player "look, here's a thing, no you can't have it"?

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Anyway this whole thing has got medium out-of-hand and now I have forcefields that open on timed switches.

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(If you've not used it, the Pico-8 is an emulator for a console that never existed. It has a 128x128 resolution, 16 colours, and a strictly limited number of operations per frame to simulate a ~SNES-era CPU.)

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I've been playing around with a Pico-8, trying to get it to do 3D. It's been going pretty well.

This is about 200 lines of code, and 25% of the Pico's pretend CPU cycles.

All software developers are brats.

Because they commit to Master, but then they push Master.

I built a terrible NPM module so you can use React components to render JSON payloads on the server! Perfect for making code and build process more convoluted and proving how clever you are!

Genuine refactor I did last week: validating a required checkbox

Old code: send the event to setCheckboxField, from props, from state (!), from member function, which calls checkFormState(event, 'checkbox'), which calls validateForms specifying "validateFieldByType", which calls validateFieldByType (that's all it can do) which calls validateCheckBox, (which is x => x), which deletes the checkbox name from the set of invalid components then enables the submit button if it's empty

New code: <input required>

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