Nerdy GAS: just ordered a open source hackable smartwatch with support for machine learning:

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We're in! Google workers will be joining Amazon and Microsoft employees, tech workers, and students on Sept. 20!

Who's next?? Any Facebook and Apple employees out there??

120 kids in 8 workshops, 5 mBot robots, 4 hours: giving 6th grade kids a crash course in robotics - after 10 minutes kids make the bots go.

Introduction to from :
The mBot is a small robot platform to teach kids and teenagers about programming and robotics. This is a video recorded at SAP in which I give an introduction into the system.

Won't it be great if #Mastodon breaks the relative obscurity barrier due to #switter's success? Kinda like how porn video tapes made the technically inferior VHS win over Betamax.

In the words of William #Gibson, the street finds its own uses for things.

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