Yet another way of controlling the Z80-MBC2 homebrew Z80 computer from chromeOS. Here's a CP/M 3.0 session in a serial terminal emulator web app. More details on the setup here:

"Zutty is the best X terminal emulator you have never heard of", as its developer puts it. What I'm most interested in is not so much Zutty's focus on high performance, but its accuracy and support of DEC's VT-series terminals.

Android 13 rolled out to my Pixel 4 XL, which I wasn't sure would get it.

The best new feature? Per app language settings. I'm comfortable with English and gladly pass on the suboptimal, confusing, and often incomplete localizations developers provide.

Lingue delle app: Italian for app languages.

Predefinita di sistema: system default.

This is a little reminder that out there in the wild storms of the internets hides a tiny, little #z80 based #bbs, operated by an enthusiastic nostalgic (me) waiting for other #retrocomputing fans to share, laugh and enjoy a little bit of those good old days, when the emphasis was on "social", not "media" and 1.44 MB were considered a *very large* transfer volume.

So feel free to visit "RC-BOX", the world's first and (currently only) #rc2014 based bulletin board system !!

Dial (Telnet, e.g. with PuTTY or Syncterm): rc2014bbs (dot) ddns (dot) net on TCP Port: 2014

#rc2014bbs #rc2014 #bbsing #8bitcomputer #z80a

@darnell I forgot to mention that, in my initial toot, by RSS I mean also Atom and any other type of feed.

I still see personal blogs with no RSS feed. The basics of the open web somehow got lost over the past decade.

I came across this interesting blog sharing the author's experience with building Z80 and Z180 homebrew computer kits and peripherals:

@lopta That is a good quick introduction to the Z80 and 8080. For something more in depth, "Programming the Z80" by Rodnay Zaks is probably better.

I got a reasonably priced copy of the book "Z-80 and 8080 Assembly Language Programming" by Kathe Spracklen, 1979. It provides a clear and concise reference and comparison of the Z80 and Intel 8080 instruction sets.

I posted some notes on why I like the book:

As a Python beginner, I find it challenging to design programs with object-oriented GUI frameworks.

This discussion is a good starting point for structuring such code. Although it focuses on Tkinter, the ideas and advice are general enough to be helpful with other frameworks.

Symbolics Lisp Machines always fascinated me but I could never afford such a device. It turns out Open Genera was ported to Linux and can be run on ordinary hardware.

@ScottE I haven't tried any of those web terminals with the Z80-MBC2 though.

@ScottE There are a number of web terminal emulators based on the Serial Web API, but they're pretty limited and don't support file transfer. Here's an example:

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